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Well, definately track down Live Like a Suicide, their first EP, containing the songs: Reckless Life, Nice Boys, Move to the City, and Mama Kin. This is a collecters item nowadays.

Get the Appetite for Destruction LP with the original "rape scene" banned cover. The very first issues had a comic book (rock and roll comics #1), a sticker, and a flexi disc LP inside.

The Spaghetti Incident orange vinyl version is a worthy addition, getting harder and harder to find. Looks awesome!

Depending upon how much of an audio nut you are, tracking down the Use Your Illusion vinyls I and II would be worth it too. If you have a decent stereo and turntable, vinyls sound incredible compared to the volume-leveled CDs.

As far as singles, there are a few bonus tracks floating around out there depending upon which import of which single you pick up. There's a link in the FAQ to what singles have what songs, I think.

There's also an "Appetite for Conversation" interview LP available probably somewhere on ebay every now and then. Never heard it, but it might be interesting.

If you're an audio nut you should seriously look into getting the Mobile Fidelity gold CDs as well. They ROCK. And that's the best way to preserve your favorite band's music over the long run (these 24K Gold CDs are the best in sound quality since they're taken directly from the original master tapes, and put onto a gold CD that will last much longer than the aluminum ones)

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