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I like listening tro Ac/Dc for a while. I think stuff like You Shook Me All Night Long and Back In Black are really awesome. But when I listened to the album Back In Black, I nearly fell asleep. The songs are driven by endless guitar solos that sound pretty monotonous to me, sadly. I tried so hard to like Ac/Dc, but if I can't go through their "best" album, I just won't keep trying.

I do think You Shook Me All Night long is a classic. And they pop in my radio when I want to headbang -- But for about three or four tracks.

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The sound quality is second to none, and I guess the performances are spot on. But hearing a few of the songs in the car the other day on a home-made compilation, I just couldn't stand it by the end of the second or so track. I just can't get past the fact it's too similar.

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I got that and Highway to Hell as my first AC/DC albums. I consider it as the best live recording by a band.

Riff Raff is amazing, as are Rocker and Let there be Rock.

My favourite track is Problem Child just because of the sound of the riff.

I think the recording captures the raw power of AC/DC, and the great voice of Bon

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I'm not the biggest AC/Dc fan...i have  about 3 albums, but they are legends i will say.... i gotta say my favourite song is Back in Black with Bon Scott and probably Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap

There's no such thing as Back In Black with Bon Scott. He died before the song was released. There are no demos of him singing the song before he died.

There's a cover version floating around on Kazaa and Limewire labelled as a Bon Scott Back In Black, but it's not Bon and IMO, sounds nothing like him.

As for If You Want Blood -- It was voted the second greatest live album of all time (Behind Live and Dangerous - Thin Lizzy) for a reason.

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