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Why Don't More Bands Copy GNR?


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I'm really refering to the format of UYI. After bands first album why don't more bands do double albums and really stretch themselves. No one seems to push themselves once they get famous. They just sort of disappear without a fight. Like the Strokes, what happened?

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It's up to record labels. Releasing two albums on the same day really isn't the wisest idea financially.

It also takes longer to release new material now than it once did with bands always on tour, and records taking longer to polish. Bob Dylan used to come up with a couple of albums every year, but now it takes that long just to finetune one.

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Yeah but Load & Reload are pish. The point wasted is making is that bands will release a debut album and it will do well, then the next one is either as good as the first or crap and that no one does anything extreme and complex like the UYI albums that pushed new grounds.

I'm kind of glad though as if some band like coldplay or oasis did it then they would boast about having albums at no1 & 2 in the charts and thats GNR's title claim!!

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Bearing in mind a lot of the ideas put onto the Illusions were shit, it would've been wiser to release one with the best of both worlds on, as what most other bands do.

See, ideas can sometimes be a huge strain.


But if you look at the illusions and the opinions of their material - everyone likes different stuff so releasing so much was the best way of appealing to everyone.


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