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John Lennon

Guest +*Michelle*+

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Guest +*Michelle*+

Does anyone here just looove John Lennon/the Beatles besides moi? I don't so much like the beatles, but I love John Lennon's work!! :heart:

It's so sad the way he died after he'd made the song "(just like) starting over"...god damn shame :( R.I.P

(ps. I hate Yoko's singing ew ew ew!)

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Guest +*Michelle*+
Umm...yeah I like the guy.


The Beatles are a passion of mine.


yeah it was actually your avatar thingy that inspired moi to start this topic. :P

My fave songs, incase I didn't already say...are Imagine, jealous guy, Love, Stand by me ( though it's not originally his), staring over, Happy X-mas (we all sing that at Christmas I love it! :heart: ) and...whatever gets you through the night though it's alittle silly, my baby Kenni loves it, and how do you sleep!

Am I the only one who's alittle put off by Yoko's singing then? :rolleyes:

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"It matters not

Who you love

Where you love

Why you love

When you love

Or how you love

It matters only that you love." JL

i'm not the biggest beatle fan in the world (macca makes me gag!)... but i've always enjoyed lennon's contribution... and his voice for me was the most emotive... raw... just the best...

i love his solo stuff... 'working class hero - the definative collection'... is out now - if you havent indulged in him before...

also the ray coleman bio... gives a fantastic insight into the complex... captivating genius...

and if you have some time check out his literary works... he certainly had a way with words...

peace and love as mantra cant be a bad thing...

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