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PATIENCE *More songs added*

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UPDATE - Hotel California from the same night

Patience - Drunken Campers

Well - the other night, me and a few friends were at metallica1's (Shaun's) house having a campout. He grabbed a guitar, an amp and we started playing a heap of songs as we got drunker and drunker. We recorded a shitload on my iRiver, and here's one of them. As you can see, we had to keep stopping to drink a bit more and also to remember words... B)

Shaun's playing guitar, i'm one of the people singing. Enjoy! :D:lol:

EDIT: The drumming at the end is me beating on the side of my friend's car.

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:lol:  :lol: HAHA

The beggining where your singing along to the whistling.....HAHAHA :lol:


Also the Axl impersonator near the end...!!! :P


Hahaha -- The Axl impersonator and the person singing along to the whistling are the same person.... B)

I was doing the whistling, so it wasn't me.... :lol:


The thing was there at the end of HC too!!


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NOTE: At the start of Hotel California, I asked for a guitar tuner, because the guitar was tuned half a step down, because I was playing Patience...And everyone thought I asked for "TUNA"

Appearntly TUNA is disgusting and Highvoltage (Chris) doesn't drink it!

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