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Rolling stones play to one million in Brazil


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I watched it on AOL last night, and I couldn't believe how many people were there. The crowd stretched for like a mile. The Stones didn't really do anything special. It was just your standard two hour show of major hits. You'd think they would have played longer or done something different since there were over a million people there.

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It was fantastic,great concert and the band was in top form!!

It's incredible how many people were there,more than 1 million...but I can say..one of the best nights of my life!

Lucky bastard!!

(I meant that in a good way).

How close were you to the stage?

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i want that bootleg! :drevil:

I think this is it:




Info I've got on it:

Set List

"Jumpin' Jack Flash" ("Hot Rocks", 1972)"It's Only Rock 'n' Roll" ("It's Only Rock 'n' Roll", 1974)"You Got Me Rocking" ("Voodoo Lounge", 1994)"Tumbling Dice" ("Exile on Main St.", 1972)"Oh No, Not You Again" ("A Bigger Bang", 2005)"Wild Horses" ("Sticky Fingers", 1971)"Rain Fall Down" ("A Bigger Bang", 2005)"Midnight Rambler" ("Let it Bleed", 1969)"Nightime's the Right Time" (Homenagem a Ray Charles)--> Apresentação dos músicos <--"This Place Is Empty" ("A Bigger Bang", 2005)"Happy" ("Exile on Main St.", 1972)"Miss You" ("Some Girls", 1978)--> Palco avança <--"Rough Justice" ("A Bigger Bang", 2005)"Get Off Of My Cloud" ("December's Children", 1965)"Honky Tonk Women" ("Through the Past Darkly", 1969)--> Palco volta <--"Sympathy For The Devil" ("Beggars Banquet", 1968)"Start Me Up" ("Tattoo You", 1981)"Brown Sugar" ("Sticky Fingers", 1971)Bis"You Can't Always Get What You Want" ("Let It Bleed", 1969)"Satisfaction" ("Out of Our Heads", 1965)

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