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MVPs of the week

Guns N' Roses, who had three new songs "leak" onto the internet this past week. As Axl Rose suspiciously

surfaced back into the public eye, tracks that were reportedly from the band's long delayed album, Chinese

Democracy, hit the Net, and were met with solid reviews. The band's last official album was 1993's Spaghetti

Incident, which -- much like my middle school days of that year -- was disappointing, awkward, painful to

deal with, and at times, hairy.

Source: http://www.askmen.com/sports/fanatic_150/1...sports_fan.html

Apparently word is seriously getting around. Moreover, the word seems to be all good. I'm curious as to whether Axl and co. will be more fixated on the vast majority of positive reviews over the new songs or hark upon the ill sentiments expressed in the Boston Herald?

Personally, one would think that such glowing reviews would entice the band to get this mother done, but who knows, perhaps one bad apple can ruin the whole damn bunch.



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Here's the thing. Logical thinking about what Axl Rose will do will get you nowhere. Logic rarely applies to the decision making process in the GnR camp. So quit thinking and conjecturing and just wait for the album. Don't be a Nostradumbass.

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