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Just got tickets for ROGER WATERS!


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On Juni 10th I'm going to ArrowRock to see Roger Waters perform!

New dates for his solo tour were announced here: http://www.brain-damage.co.uk/news/0603011.html

Talk on the Arrow website is that he will perform a 2 to 3 hour set including a full performence of Dark Side Of The Moon with a full quadrophonic sound system. AND he invited Rick Wright as well. Rumor has it that Nick Mason will also perform, making it 3/4 of Pink Floyd!

I'm happy! :D

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Guest Jungle Blood

cool man.

Maybe if you are lucky, nr 4 joins in too. rock4

Almost impossible, but if he would I'd seriously flip.

You never know.

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Man im so jelious, and Rick Wright as well!! hopefully he will do singing aswell because actully he has a great voice, similar to Dave's.

Well have fun, that goes without saying though hehe

It's my Pink Floyd year.

March 20th I'm seeing David Gilmour along with Rick Wright in the Heineken Music Hall

June 10th I'm seeing Roger Waters with Nick Mason and most likely Rick Wright at Arrow.

Basicaly this is as close to Pink Floyd as humanly possible at this point. ;)

Damn you Europeans! you always get the good gigs. No one ever comes to Australia.

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Hmm... you could look at it as all of ORIGINAL Pink Floyd (that are active musicians). Haha, just a way to trick your mind into seeing something it's not really seeing.

Besides, you don't need Gilmour. He's an ugly old guy, though I do love his playing. If they have Doyle Bramhol II playing though, he's just as good, with a FANTASTIC voice, and he's hot as hell.

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you lucky guy you... I am kinda jealous ;)

Guess you'll have the time of your life (did that sound cheesy now?)

Hey, you could actualy go man. It's just over the border. I think it's even closer from where you live then from where I live. On this map you can see Dusseldorf? move up from there until you see Winterswijk in Holland. It's not far from there. ;)

It's all a question of money for me... and since i am broke and have a lot of payments to do in the near future I'll be waiting for your enthusiastic stories you're gonna tell ;)

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