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Which rumoured titles of the new album that I've never heard in my entire life sound like epics?

where's izzy?

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I was looking at the list of he other rumored songs and some sound like they would be really epic songs. My personal favorites are Today, Tommorow, Forever, (This one sounds like a Queen song) and Hearts Always Get Killed.

Some rockers sound like: The General, Zip It, Suckerpunched, and Strange Disease.

What do you guys think?

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Today, Tommorow, Forever. (even if it's fake)

infact, i even have a possible chorus line in my head, and if Axl doesn't use it, it's mine :P

and i dont' think Zip It, Suckerpunched and Stranged Disease are even real. did Axl/Dizzy/Tommy/whoever even ever say thse are real songs?

I don't know if there real, I just read them as possibities in the Chinese Democracy section.

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