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Bad Company / Free / Paul Rodgers

T Patten

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Basically it amazes me how paul rodgers doesn't get much credit, he has in my opinion one of the great rock voices of all time and he's been in some great bands with it like free & bad company...

Most people i talk to don't even know who bad company are which really pisses me off, they only seem to know paul rodgers due to his recent tour with queen, i'm not a fan of queen so i'm not gonna comment on that part of his career...

Bad Company rock big time with great songs like shooting star, can't get enough, feel like making love, movin' on and a whole lot more, i have all their albums plus i see them live at hammersmith a few years back, although the band wasn't full of original members paul rodgers' voice carried the band through the gig...

Free were also great, not as good as Bad Company in my opinion but still very good.

If you've never heard them click here - http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=43055522 - which is Bad Company's myspace where you can listen to four of their great songs, please let me know what you think of them.


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Guest zipgunboogie

my fav singer of all time, one of my fav rock bands, The voice Paul Rodgers

Bad co is the most underated rock band of all time, Mick Ralphs is an amazing guitar player, Simon Kirk is amazing drummer, and Boz burrel, everyone compliments eachother perfectly, noone stands out more than the other

Free, amazing, Paul Kossoff was an amazing guitar player, amazing band

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Guest zipgunboogie

The firm was a bit of a let down compared to either band, but not compared, they rocked

has anyone seen the video to Satisfaction Garanteed?

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Paul Rodgers is THE man. Awesome voice, awesome songs. The Firm was cool.

Although i love led zep aswell, i wasn't so keen on the firm, the songs just didn't have enough strength.

Oh but Paul sings his ass of on some of those songs. Especially on the bootlegs from that tour, Midnight Moonlight was a highlight.

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hell yeah, Paul is the man. he's still got it too. haven't seen the Queen stuff yet, but i saw the "Merchants of Cool" concert on VH1 Classic from 2 or 3 years ago and the guy still hits all the notes and still has that same voice. he's aged very gracefully. one of rock's greatest voices.

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