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Guest JohnUlmer

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Guest JohnUlmer

Look, we all know GN'R isn't taking the stage for at LEAST another hour...probably closer to two hours. So let's not crash the server now, eh? Search has already been disabled, everything's taking forever to load, there's nearly 300 people on the forum...

I'm leaving now and checking back very infrequently. I think people who ARE here should try to refresh pages as little as possible - nothing groundbreaking is going to happen in the next five minutes.

I hate to clog up the forum with another unrelated post and give you guys a lecture but I think we all should all be aware of the fact that the server will go offline if we all keep this up. It's already slowing down to a halt and none of the graphics are loading for me.

It would also prevent darknemus from being able to send us updates.


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Well said JohnUlmer.

There was an exceptionnally high number of members online at the same time.

Forum features had to de disabled/treaked in order to at least have a Forum in this difficult, but very exciting time.

It's safe to say that all Forums experienced difficulties.

Forum features and Forums will be reactivated as things cool down.


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