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SEBASTIAN BACH: AXL ROSE 'Has Never Had Plastic Surgery Or Botox'


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DATE: June 30, 2006

TITLE: SEBASTIAN BACH: AXL ROSE 'Has Never Had Plastic Surgery Or Botox'


Joseph Hudak of TVGuide.com recently conducted an interview with former SKID ROW and current DAMNOCRACY frontman/solo artist Sebastian Bach. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

TV Guide: How was it rooming with fellow rock stars, especially the clean-living Ted Nugent?

Sebastian Bach: "It was life-changing. [Laughs] Ted Nugent came into the house 100 percent sober, and Sebastian Bach came into the house 100 percent not sober. [Laughs] Therein lies the dichotomy of living with the Nuge, 'cause he really doesn't have a tolerance for people who have tolerance."

TV Guide: But you admire Ted?

Bach: "Dude, I really look up to Ted. He's more than just a musical player to me. The way he lives is really cool. The first time I ever met him, I said, 'Ted, you kick ass.' And he said, 'Sebastian, I invented kickass.' I told that to Axl, and he was laughing his head off. Axl doesn't agree with Ted on everything, though, I'll tell you that. Get those two on a reality show, man. That'd be crazy!"

TV Guide: You and Evan Seinfeld had a heck of a scrape there, it seemed.

Bach: "It was crazy, but he never connected with me once. They wanted to film the reality of rock and roll, and the reality is sometimes rock-and-rollers get drunk and sometimes rock-and-rollers get in fights. There's nothing staged about it."

TV Guide: How's the tour going with GUNS N' ROSES? How's Axl? [This Q&A was conducted prior to Rose's June 27 arrest in Stockholm.]

Bach: "He's getting the album out. [People] don't know the work it takes. And Axl, when he disappears, all he's trying to do is make something incredible. There's no big mystery to it. He's trying to make an album that can bear the name GUNS N' ROSES. I've heard a lot of the music, and it's incredible. And you know, I'm telling the world, the man has never had plastic surgery or Botox. When I read that, it's aggravating, 'cause I'm his friend. That's the way he looks. He looks young, dude! It's so crazy all the [stuff] that's said about him."

Read the entire interview at TVGuide.com.

SOURCE: Blabbermouth

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