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anyone else have a problem with Hotmail?


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When I log into Hotmail to check my emails..it freezes up and I get the program not responding message... you can see the page is still trying to load something, after this a message comes up saying there is an error running a script on the page and do you want to stop this running. So I click Yes and it let's me carry on. If I want to read another email it all starts up again.

Anyone else on Hotmail got this??

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It seems to be ok now. :unsure:

I have some issues with Hotmail when using Safari, what browser are you using?


Just the standard IE on XP.

I did have that problem awhile ago, but signing in through MSN Messenger/checking it through there helps it to work.

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Mine's okay, but I'm having trouble with pop ups <_<

Me too, im fucking sick of them so if anybody knows of a good free one other than the one in google toolbar id be greatfull ;)

Firefox has one built in which is good, Norton has a good one too actually. I've heard positive things about AdMuncher, but I'm not sure if that doubles as a popup blocker.

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Blah, I have FireFox. It's awesome, but I was still having these annoying pop ups! so I ran Ad-Aware, SpyBot and SpySweeper..oh and my anti-virus, but still! pop ups all over. So I noticed the pop ups were all the same and said NSIS or something, so I googled it and found out there was a folder in my program files, and with an uninstaller thingy in there...I clicked it and no more pop ups (I have to say my hand did shake when I was about to click, though :unsure: )

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