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Back Door Man


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I really like Wolf's vocal on the original as well as the one chord arrangement. I strongly dislike the much more famous Doors version, which was a 12-bar blues arrangement, I especially disliked the added lines that Morrison included in the song, which were a bit silly.

But, the winner is Willie Dixon, he wrote the song for Howlin' Wolf who sang the original for his "Rockin' Chair Album", but he himself performed a funked up version and included it in a 1970 release. That version is by far my favorite.

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Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789

As if fucking anyone besides you and me knows the original.

I own every Howlin' Wolf recording ever released. Ever.

But I still prefer The Doors' version. At least...I find myself listening to it more often. It's enjoyable.

I knew there would be one, congratulations you are it!

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