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..well... it would be unfair for the european fans..


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God so typical of Americans - thinking they are the only important people that live on this earth.

He was being sarcastic I suppose, so just grow up. If you guys argue back, just shows how immature you can be and have to get offended so easily.

But anyway, I really think the setlist would be different. New York already heard some shit...and Americans know about it. We want to hear more.

Even so, he knew what was going to happen which doesn't make him less guilty than the other ones who responded to his comment... Fact is, i've met americans which such an attitude... <_<

Now, on topic, many thought that Gn'R will change the setlist for the last two concerts, or at least for the 30th (which didn't happen) so i don't think the North American tour will be more special...like more new songs added.

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