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I never really liked Live and Let Die, the original or the cover but the version that they played on tour totally rocked with all the pyrotechnics, it was awesome!!!!!!

also it was a bit surreal to see them singing a Rod Stuart song at Wembley on Saturday

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New GN'R's Live N' Let Die is live (when you're actually there, I haven't listened to too many bootlegs) amazing :wub:

Edit: I forgot the whole TSI-album :D I have to change my answer to Attitude live.

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Just wondering what's everyone's favourite gnr cover version

My personal favourite is Sympathy For the Devil, I love it and think it's far superior to the original track rock3

No, not even the Guns can top the original. The original is just about perfect.

My fav's are Mama Kin, Attitude and Hair Of The Dog

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It's Alright

Dust In The Wind

Mama Kin


Live And Let Die -live

Those are my favs and then there's of course Salt Of The Earth (Axl and Izzy with Rolling Stones) but I really isn't a cover nor is GN'R playing it :tongue2:

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