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Gilby talks about Chinese Democracy and GnR


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I mean, the fact that Slash's name alone can sell crappy VR records should tell you something.

The fact that it's a great album probably had something to do with it as well.

Contraband was alright, but for a Supergroup it should have been much better. I was left dissapointed.

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well the reunion with gilby is out of the window but izzy is still the hope lol

izzy is practically back. and thats all the reunion there is going to be. :shades:

Why are you so cool with Izzy being "back" but you're so opposed to other members doing the same thing? I don't get it.

Is it because Lord Axl said it was okay for you to like Izzy again?

I've been saying for years the only ex-member I could ever see coming back was Izzy and that he's always been my favorite ex-gunner.

i dont EVER remember you saying that izzy would be the one who would come back

all i remember was you telling people to leave the forum who had a difference of opinion to you & if they liked the old band

infact ive never heard you say a good thing about any of the old members

but now axl is friends with izzy again ' it makes it ok for you to like him aswell

can you provide a link to the post you made were you said izzy would be the one who came back?just to clear the matter up

ps- roll on the reaunion

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Last I checked, this was a thread about Gilby and his interview, and not another reunion thread. Maybe you people need to learn how to read, or how to respond on topic. Either way, get back on topic, because this soon-to-be 16 page bitch thread about which members should be respected and what-not is going to be another pile of useless shite.

like all your posts :fuckyou:

Are you mad because I'm right or because you have no argument to back yourself up as usual? I'm thinking both.

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