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do u think axl likes the darkness?

some guy

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My guess would be that Axl considers them to be the contrived joke that they are,but he might publicly give them a polite pat-on-the-head approval just to avoid controversy.

I doubt he gives much thought to them at all.

I would have to concur with this but in all honesty who cares?

Maybe Axl likes Broadway Showtunes, maybe he likes Kenny G, seriously folks, who cares?

I cannot see this band ever opening for GNR, they are fun, I agree but not as an opener for GNR-

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I can't remember exactly which programme (or maybe even advert for a programme!) but Justin Hawkins was praising Axl Rose up so The Darkness like Guns N Roses, in fact they mentioned them being an "inspiration" and how Justin Hawkins admires Axl's attitude!

I thought Justin Hawkins once said, in 2003, "We are gonna last forever because we don't have a c[censored]t like Axl Rose in the band kicking everyone out!".

Tell that to Frankie Poullain.:rolleyes:

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