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NYC, Madison Square Garden 02


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The concert at MSG tonight was AWESOME ladies and gentlemen. I wished all of you were there singing along to all the tunes with me. I was only 19 rows from AXL's feet (Floor section 2 row S) and boy did they rock ...

I will not talk about the pyrotechnics and the setlist and how strong Axl's voice was and how wierd Buckethead is but I'll give you the quick and dirty stuff :

1) Guess who was in the audience tonight... Chris Rock  :o  Yes, you read it right. He never stood up during the concert but listened to Axl till the end.

2) Axl dedicated Knocking on Heaven's Door to all the 9/11 victims in NYC which I though was pretty cool.   :D

3) At one point Axl came to the stage with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts and mentioned that he wanted to give the donuts to Conan O'Brian who was "watching his diet" if you know what I mean. He said "Here is some white trash catering for ya O'Brian !"  ;D

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I saw the NYC concert tonight and it was unbelievable!! I must say after seeing the MTV appearance I was a little concerned, but Axl has it!! His voice has never sounded better and he was able to hit all the high notes that Sweet Child O Mine, My Michelle and the others deserve. I actually had 6 tix and 2 friends who saw them back in '91 bailed because they thought the show would not hold up to those of the past. All I can say is they missed one of the best concerts I have ever seen!!

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Axl and his new band really rocked out the Garden last night.

I arrived for the last two songs of CKY (I had heard such glowing reports about them earlier that I thought I'd just stay home for most of it). The two songs I did hear weren't that bad though, so I guess you have to listen yourself rather than depend on others. (Of course I only heard two songs - so maybe I'd agree with the majority if I'd heard the whole set).

Mix Master Mike was good for the first - oh 10 minutes - and then got pretty tedious. He had to keep yelling "Hey New York" and "Get ready for Guns N' Roses" to get any kind of response from the crowd.  Pretty sad ...

Then the main event .. Axl actually showed up ON TIME. Yep, hard to believe I know. lol. I was expecting a long wait after the Mix Master, and was shocked when the lights went down and the opening sounds to Jungle came ripping through the speakers before 10pm!!!! It was the same set as always ... Jungle, It's So Easy, Mr. Brownstone, Live and Let Die, Knockin' On Heaven's Door (he dedicated this to the people of New York  -- "the strongest people in the world" following Sept. 11), Think About You, Sweet Child, Out Ta Get Me, You Could Be Mine, Finck solo, November Rain, Chinese Democracy, Madagascar, Buckethead robot dance and guitar solo, Rocket Queen, the Blues, My Michelle, Patience, Nightrain, and Paradise City. ... I think that's the whole list .. No NEW songs added as some had speculated earlier.  The pyrotechnics and fireworks were spectacular, especially during Jungle, Live And Let Die, and Paradise City.

Axl seemed nervous for Jungle - his voice was a bit high and whiny. But then he settled right in, and his sound was solid for the rest of the show. He seemed to really feed off the crowd, which was a giant GNR lovefest. At one point, he said "I really needed this" (referring to the crowd's thunderous applause and overwhelming support).  People were on their feet the whole show (well, except for some guy beside me, who sat for most of the show. His hair looked like it hadn't been washed in a couple of months and he didn't seem to have a clue about the songs. I can only assume he had free tickets. And no, I didn't know him).

Buckethead's guitar solo was truly awesome. This guy can REALLY play. I was surprised though that he didn't play more during the rest of the show and he seemed to plod around the stage aimlessly during songs. (No chemistry).  

Finck seemed to take the guitar lead most of the night. Oh, and Finck seems to be toning down his Marilyn Manson-goth-type image: He wore a white satin suit, no makeup and he let his hair hang naturally (as opposed to being greased back).  Much better. ;)

Fortus was magical!  He was energetic, enthusiastic - he REALLY fits the GNR mold. Very impressed.  

Dizzy was great as usual and Brain rocked.

There were two or three rants - short ones. In one of them, Axl took a shot at Conan O'Brien. "Is Conan O'Brien here?" he asked. (I guess Conan has done a few Axl putdowns in his routine, and it was payback time for Ax. lol).  Axl talked about Conan being on a diet, and then suggested Conan take a break and enjoy some of the Krispy Krème doughnuts he had brought along, compliments of "Axl's white trash catering." Axl then pulled open a box of doughnuts and starting handing them out to people in the audience.

In another rant, Axl ripped into a reporter from Chicago, who had trashed the band's show. He ridiculed the reporter for suggesting the band members were colliding into each other during the show and how everyone was bored. Axl said it's OK if a reporter just thinks a show sucks, but it's another if they lie. "If you lie, you're a p*ussy," he said.

Axl wrapped up the show in a blaze of pyrotechnics and confetti with a promise to "See ya next Summer." Sounds promising ...    

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I just got back from the Garden show.  Before I comment, I should say that I've been a Guns fan since the beginning.  Last night I saw a kick ass Rock & Roll show!  Something I haven't seen in a long time.  Anyone who was there knows exactly what I mean!  It rocked from start to finish.  Quick down and dirty!  I know the people from the past have said that Axl's bad moods and the bands disfunction made shows back in '91-'92 suck.  Well my only response is,  Axl was in good spirits which made for an excellent performance.  And the band sounded great and loved just playing on stage in front of poeple.  It's nice to see some guys enjoy just playing and doing Rock & Roll.  No Slash, Duff, Izzy, Gilbey, Matt, or Steven, but times change.  Those guys are excellent musicians and I'll go see them in there new project too.  The last thought on Guns N' Fuckin' Roses.   When you think of GNR and start humming their tunes in your head,  whose voice do you hear?  Axl's....         And I loved every minute of it!!!

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WHat an amazing night it was!!!! It still has not sunk in that I just saw Guns N Roses  at Madison Square Garden!!!!! Part of me is thinking, "Did I just see GNR, or did I just see the opening band??!!! That's how quick the night went by!!!

Overall it was amazing I have NO complaints!!! Here are some details!!!

    First off Mixmaster Mike came on for about 30-40 minutes, surprisingly the crowd didn't mind??!! After he finished I was expecting to sit there for another 4-5 hours!!! About a half hour later the lights went out, smoke filled the air, and the opening notes to JUNGLE were heard!!! But the reaction I had, and the reaction the crowd had was more of a "huh," than a "Whoa!" Half the crowd was getting beer!!! I personally thought it was the band "CKY" messing with the crowd since I have heard they like to antagonize the crowd!!! So once again,part of me is thinking, "did I just see GNR, or did I just see the opening band??!!!

    The setlist was the same as all the other shows. This was my only complaint going in,but now I have no complaints!!! It was all well worth it!! I still would like to hear songs like "Civil War." Maybe the next tour!!! "Heaven's Door" was beautifully dedicated to the victims of 9-11-01. The new songs all got a mild reaction, with "Madagascar" as the exception. I think 60-70% of the crowd was there because of the MTV VMA's alone, as most of the crowd around me was still talking about the amazing surprise performance the happened in August!! I have read other fan reviews where the authors say that they and 5 others were the only ones that seemed to know the new stuff. I beg to differ!!!! I think last night, I was the only one that knew the new stuff!!!!! But I think the mild reaction was just typical "Rock N Roll science!" People are not going to cheer something they are hearing for the first time!! The loud reaction to "Madagascar" was the proof of that!

    The crowd was beautifully composed of mainstream fans & suits,as well as the classic die-hard GNR fans!! Surprisingly there the men were largely out numbered by women.

    The players executed their craft perfectly!! There was a warm response for Dizzy,as he is the only loyal member. Brain was looking very Dave Navarro on this run.For his intro he played a bit of Led Zeppelin's "Rock N Roll" to which Axl responded with something along the lines of, "OOO, a car commercial." No disrespect was ever shown to Stinson,Fortus,or Finke,or    during the set......then there was BUCKETHEAD!!!! The crowd erupted!!! It was an in genius addition to the show when he soloed, danced, passed out toys to the crowd like an "Mass murderer Santa Claus from Outer space", through around a rag doll, moved around like a robot,and came out with a special flashing light bucket for the outro to "November Rain!!!!!" Axl announced him from   "A chicken coup in a galaxy far far away." I guess that is what we got!!.....ALL in ALL,....no Slash chants!!!!

    AXL was in RARE form to say the least!!! During one of his rants he called out Conan O'Brien,who said Axl looked like a "fat gut teeter tottering" after the performance at the VMA's,to deliver him crispy cream donuts. He then proceed to pass the donuts out to the crowd for a while til' he "just remembered he had a show to do." Sohe then asked the security guards to pass out the donuts to the crowd as he called he "Axl's White Trash Bakery & Bistro Delivery!!" Funny stuff,the crowd ate it up!!!! Pun intended! He then proceeded to perform the A-hole song on the piano to which he explained "sorry wrong song." He said that the original line up "probably never really were his true friends," and that this " was indeed a reunion tour,since he got all of himself out to go on tour." GREAT STUFF! Overall Axl come off respectable,intelligent,funny, and entertaining at the same time.

   This was my first GNR show ,since I couldn't make it to GUNS N metallica 10 years ago(which still bothers me!),and it is definitely not my last!!!!! At the very end AXL said "See you this Summer." There was no mention of a new record all night. All in ALL this was a 5 out of 5 star show from top to bottom,though I don't feel this was the best show they could've put on!!! I have a strange feeling that this is only the beginning, and that everything will be bigger, and bolder for GUNS N ROSES from here on out.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>By the way, I'm not actually pissed about CIvil War!!! I bet they'll play it next time!!

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i was at that show, 9th row...

well they said theyd b back next summer...

i think they were great! they played 3 new songs, i think me n my friends were the only ones who knew the words...

y r u pissed about civil war? it wasnt on the setlist, if u mean the "what we got hear is failure to communicate" during Madagascar, thats just part of the little speech in the middle of the song, always has been, i knwo ppl over where i was sittin were upset he didnt sing get in the ring... when he was talkin about a reporter bc patience we all thought he was gonan do get in the ring

the only thing that sorta annoyed me was that for the 1st half hour of gnrs performance every1 around me was stoned...

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that show was f*ckin awesome, had 9th row floor seats over by chris rock, axl wished my friend a happy bday!

I remember that. I was just a few rows from you.

Axl said he knew it was your friend's birthday because he/she was carrying a sign I think.  lol.

Very cool.  He was in a great mood that night.

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That show was great!!!!!!  I really didn't know what to expect.  Then Axl came out on time and they blasted through the entire set.  It was just electric!!!!!

I really hope that's not the end because it was so great.  

Compared to the crap that's out there, GNR rules!  That became abundantly clear last week.

Axl, wherever you are, get your stuff worked out!

Music needs you.

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Great Review.  It does sound a lot like the Boston Show.  CKY was OK,  Mix Master Mike sucked.  I know a lot of people were booing him.  I know what you mean about Buckethead, he doesn't really fit.  His solo in Boston was Pretty lame.  If you listen to his solo albums, Monster Robot, and Bucketheadland, he thrashes any other guitarist out there, but for this band Mr. Fink seems to be it.

Over all the concert was good, Axl didn't really talk to the crowd much, except to talk about the roadies turning down izzy's amp when he wasn't looking,  because he was playing something different than everyone else.

I left there saying to my buddy that if the come around again this summer, I'm Going.

Best Concert so far. No. That was at Foxboro Stadium.  Faith No More, Metallica, GnR    1992

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yea, i was at the 12/5/2002 MSG show too. me and 3 friends showed up at the blarney stone on 32nd street to get all "tuned up" for the show. every person in the sold out garden sang every word to every song. i can honestly say that i was blown away. it was one of the top 3 concerts i have ever been at.

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