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Vancouver incident 2002


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I am not new here, I just have not had computer access for months, so sorry for posting three times in 5 minutes. I DO NOT INTEND ON BRINGING UP BAD MEMORIES OR JINX THE UPCOMING TOUR WITH THE CONTENTS OF THIS POST BELOW!!!

My question here is if anyone has any good web links, You TUbe, or other information regarding what exactly happened at the riots and the aftermath (wounded, how seriously, worse than Metallica concert 10 years earlier???) We don't mention it here often, but it really from what I heard was not far from being as bad as Donnington '88 back in the day. People really got hurt permanently for life. Some girls or girl was missing from Europe also I believe.

I remember all these great sites off this forum back 4 years ago that had photos of people of interest to the Vancouver police.

Also, I find puzzled as to what exactly went on in Vancouver. Was the band really all there except Axl who was on a helicopter? The whole thing just fascinates me for some reason since it happened.

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The band was at the venue, Axl was 'delayed' at the airport or still in the air the night of the show. The promoter didn't take any chances and cancelled the show before the doors opened. Axl allegedy was going to sue, but I never heard if he followed up on it.

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