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J.J. Cale


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Can't say, as I've never listened to him much. But I do know 0 members will agree with you. :lol:

I don't know, I've seen pics of him posted in the great musician thread.

In any case, he's a remarkable songwriter, all his music is simple yet so effective. Stuff like "City Girls", "Don't Wait", "Cajun Moon", "Lies", etc. is just really special. Only Mark Knopfler and the Dire Straits have created very similar music.

Album recommendations:



To Tulsa and Back

You can hear his influence on anything from Skynyrd to Izzy's solo records. I can't help but feel that Izzy's laid back attitude and vocals owe more than just a little to Cale. Also, the disappearances from the public eye, being relieved only for a sporadic release and short tour is also similar.

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I only know After Midnight and Cocaine, Clapton's covers.

I don't like either of those covers nearly as much as the originals.

Especially "Cocaine". There's an awesome shuffling boogie in the background along with the main riff.

Here's Cocaine

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this man is probably the best songwriter ever


His lyrics weren't that great.

Lennon without McCartney didn't get too far, but McCartney without Lennon didn't really get anywhere.

And it was the collaborations of Harrison and Ringo that made the music so great.

Don't get me wrong, Paul was a great songwriter and one of my favourite musicians, but it was the fab four that made things sound so great.

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