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A lack of print advertisement


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One flaw I have noticed is the lack of print advertisment for the tour.

At my university campus the billboards are always packed full of tour posters whether they are for a band playing a bar show or the stadium in my city. The types vary from the cheap "I-printed-this-off-my-computer" to the full sized official tour posters (which I gladly collect after the shows :rofl-lol: ) I am not sure if this is the responsibility of the venue or the band to organinze the distribution of these posters.

Edmonton is having horrible sales!

I can still buy floor tickets.

Its rather pathetic

The question is would the sales be better if the distribution of posters was done before the tickets went on sale?

OR even now if the posters were put up would ticket sales pick up?

I would be willing to put up posters :book:

Even print ads in the paper were fairly non existent (by paper this is inlcuding official newspapers and the more "culture" free news papers avaliable)

Anyways what is it like in other cities with advertisements?

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