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GNR Jacket w AFD logo


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So I was on the bus goign to city centre and just as I was getting off I noticed this guy a few places in front wearing a leather jacket with AFD logo on it. It was really cool I couldn't get close enough to him to ask where he got it, but I was wondering if you can buy it online if so where? I have looked in a few online shops none had it.

Any help's appreciated!

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I actually just posted this a couple days ago but I just bought one of those from wilson's leather off of ebay for like $43 with shipping. I don't think the leather is terribly bad and even if it is, its a guns n roses jacket for $43 which is pretty cheap.

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Yeah, the GNR Wilsons Leather Jacket is cool (at the very least as a piece of memorabilia) but I think some of the ones on ebay are fake (keep in mind I have no official way of telling a real one from a fake one - I asked Wilsons - they said they'd have to inspect the leather). Look at these two links and take a close look at the GNR banner printed on the sleeve of the jacket. Notice how one is kind of incomplete (in the area where the N' is you can see some black spots) and the other is complete. Not sure which is real - hell, maybe both are. But the fact that these werer going for $400 and now people are getting them for $50 makes me think that they may be fake. OF course, that didn't stop me from getting one for that price!



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Part of the reason they may be so cheap is because there for awhile Wilson's had them on clearance for $73. That's when my wife bought mine. They had the Def Leppard one marked down to $43 at that time too.

Both of those on Ebay look real to me, but who knows.

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