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I did have an old thread but my determination to get utorrent working died along with it <_<

I just want to know how i set it up (i assume you have to enter in ul/dl limits somewhere?), and a basic description of the tools ect that it has

thanks :heart:

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Im download lots of crap via emule now so ill do the speed test later

And I use NOD32, Do i just select utorrents folder in the exclude from scanning panel? :unsure:

What? :huh

What is NOD32? :unsure:

A virus scanner? A firewall?

the best and most user-unfriendly firewall there is ;)

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I actually just installed uTorrent this morning. I used to use Azureus, but uTorrent is much better. It installed pretty easily, they asked for my connection speed, and had an option to test if the selected port was open.

All you have to do is install, and everything should be pretty self explanitory. Your firewall shouldn't give any problems, it will probably tell you that uTorrent is tryin to access the internet, and then ask if you want to allow or deny it.

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^yeah mines all set up now :)

Im downloading a few things that I shouldnt be :shocked:

And have put my upload to 1kb/s and my download unlimited... is there a reward system where people who upload more download faster or can i just hardly upload any of the file im downloading and download unlimited?

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To upload to The Pirate Bay, you must first register with the site. Then, go to uTorrent, and either find or create the torrent you want to upload. Then go back to Pirate Bay, login, and go to upload. Find the torrent you want to upload, and follow the directions at Pirate Bay.

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As far as checking your ratio on Pirate Bay, I'm not sure. I do know that uTorrent lists a ratio for each individual torrent in the main window. And if you go to Help>Statistics, it will list your total uploads and total downloads, which you can then use to find your ratio.

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