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How was Ron Thal Announced


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Just curious to know how Bumblefoot was announced by GNR as their new guitarist on the opening show.


he wasn't, he just stepped out on stage with them. And then before his solo or something axl would have said "Ladies and gentlemen, the new man, Bumblefoot!!"

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little fairys flied in and dropped a big bag and ron thal kicked out and played the intro to sweet child rock1

the fairys later died after high alcohol consumption

I believe the word you need to complete your wonderful sarcastic post is; flew. ;)


and you complain when people post pointless shit in your threads :rolleyes:

i don't think he was announced in a big specticle

just mentioned his name

thats how they do it nowadays :)

although in 2004 they denied auditioning him for the new guitarist spot

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