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Anyone else bored with this new band?


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First, can we please let people discuss this new band without fear of the moderators controlling the speech?!?

I for one would like to vent that this same setlist, late starts, and lack of news makes me scratch my head at what the fuck Axl did from 2002-2006 that was worth this wait?!?!?

I am just 100% bored with Guns N Roses.

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its really hard to fucking understand you sometimes....wtf do you really want?

its been more than silent for the past 4 years, and if Axl only showed up at that Korn party and did nothing else this year....it would have been 100% more than we have gotten out of him during this period...we'd still be discussing the meaning of his words to that journo....but he did more than that....

we get visuals of him almost daily....we have more boots now than ever before...good quality ones too...fuck...they were even on TV...a full concert...he gave us 3 new songs...in a promotional leak campaign i have never seen before anywhere...he gave a fucking 2 hr long interview...some of us even went to see him...

you were the first one to commend him on coming out of hiding....and now that he's out....you not happy?

if he doesn't want to release this fucking album, then he doesn't have to.....if he's too broke to release it...then that's another reason why he isn't doing so...you have no idea why this is shaping up the way it is...

bottom line is....the man is out of hiding...he's fucking touring...he's approachable, friendly....and ....dare i say it....reliable??? all the cancelled shows were cancelled in a respectful manner, there were no riots, he hasn't been insulting his former bandmates this tour at all...if anything, he remembers the old days the way they should be remembered....he brought and gave us Izzy...live...

i got my fix of W Axl Rose for 2006, and if he doesn't release it this year, i'm cool with that.

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