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Dance Music


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do you listen to Dance Music at all? i'm starting to like a fair bit of it. been borowing cds off my mate and putting them on my computer.

tons! absolutely tons! some of it is very generic but other kinds are really orignal and broaden musical horizons. the thing is i dont know many of the names, its jus a seamless stream of sound to me cuz i jus get passed the cds n jus put em on. i had the same problem for a while with dub reggae. theres this one track i been listenin to, dance music, thats been in my head for days n days on end the lyrics r somethin like " u leave ur home for days n days...and i know u gottanother woman somewhere" n it like repeats bits of it n fades n fades out. but yeah, dance music, really cool although i never EVER dance cuz i cant do it :lol:

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