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PAPA ROACH Frontman Hesitant To Meet AXL ROSE


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DATE: November 1st, 2006

TITLE: PAPA ROACH Frontman Hesitant To Meet AXL ROSE


Launch Radio Networks reports: PAPA ROACH opened for GUNS N'ROSES last night (Tuesday, October 31) in Jacksonville, Florida, its fifth show on that band's new North American tour. Although PAPA ROACH singer Jacoby Shaddix says the tour is going great so far, he admitted to Launch that he has yet to meet a personal hero, GUNS frontman W. Axl Rose: "I'm just hesitant to meet Axl, man, I'm just like, I don't know. Probably by the end of the tour I'll end up meeting him, but so far I have not met him yet, which is like, you know sometimes, when you, like, imagine what somebody would be like and then you meet 'em and then you're like, aw, you're bummed out? I'll probably end up meeting him. Everybody says he's a cool cat, so I'm sure we'll click."

PAPA ROACH plays tomorrow (Thursday, November 2) in Greensboro, North Carolina with GUNS N' ROSES.

After finishing up with GUNS, PAPA ROACH will headline the Zippo Hot Tour, which will begin on November 13 in Norfolk, Virginia. BULLETS AND OCTANE and (HED) P.E. will also be featured on the tour.

PAPA ROACH recently released its fourth major label album, "The Paramour Sessions".

SOURCE: Blabbermouth

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