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GNR Should Tour With Metallica again


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so metallica hates gnr ?

thats why Lars attended wembly in 2006 to see axl play ?

No James HATES GnR, actually he hates Axl. Probably doesnt know any of the other guys, 'cept Dizzy maybe. Anyway Mettalica suck, they dont deserve to stare a stage with the Gunners rock1

James hates everyone except this therapist, he lost his guy card when he said "he didnt feel appreciated in the band" and wouldnt let the band rehearse after 4 so he could go home to his wife. Didnt you guys see the "Some kind of Pussy" video?? Besides, Mettalica is all but dead. They are a great band live still, but the last good song they did was like 10 years ago. The "Hickory Dickor Dock" song or whever blew. Would rather see them with Avenged Sevenfold. rock1

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Metallica have been dead for 15 years so no.

Yeah and GNR has been a lively band too right?

True Metallica's newer stuff isn't as good as their earlier but at least they've put out new stuff. Unlike.... well you know. Hopefully thats about to change though.

As fas as a GNR and Metallica tour goes first it would never happen and two Axl would never open for metallica.(which is what he would have to do since they are the bigger act now)

Even if Axl would have released the album back in 1999 when it was going to be industrial shit it still would have been better than Metallica post-1989.

You realize that the black album came out in 91? That crushes anything I've heard from GNR after Illusions.(hell its better then most of the Illusions stuff.)

The Black Album is nothing more than a band desperately trying to acheive commercial popularity and it worked because of one of the most overrated songs ever, that being Enter Sandman. The Illusions were so much more diverse and the songs that rocked hard (Don't Damn Me, Perfect Crime, Garden of Eden etc) rocked harder than the shit on the Black Album. Metallica are dead and there is nothing more to it.

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The only problem is that Metallica has an average attendance of 30.000-40.000, GNR something like 8-10

metallica=3 originalmembers / gnr=1

they should really tour with queen

Well...not to be an ass or something, but technically Metallica only has 2 original members; Kirk Hammett is not original, he replaced Dave Mustaine...

But ontopic: I would buy a ticket for a Guns n Roses/Metallica concert, no doubt about it!! It's my 2 favourite bands in 1 concert, so I couldn't ask for anything more. But too bad, I guess it'll never happen.

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