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Jesus Christ Superstar - NOW WITH DOWNLOADS


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I grew up listening to the original recording with Ian Gallen (Deep Purple) singing Jesus and loving it. I just recently (after a LONG search) downloaded a recording of the show with His Bazness singing lead. He is INCREDIBLE! He sings much more melodically than I expected. The only time he does the Skid Row-style growl/scream is in the Temple outburst scene, and he sounds GREAT the whole show. His voice really suits that music.

Also, Judas is played by the guy who sang the Judas part on the original, so the opening Heaven on their Minds is chilling. A great show.

Has anyone else heard or seen this show with Baz?

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DimeADozen.org, but my guess is that it's not being seeded now. Shall I just post the whole show in a zip file?

The rest of the cast is stellar as well. The lead roll of Judas is played by the legendary Carl Anderson (played Judas in the original allong side Deep Purple frontman Ian Gallen as Jesus)

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One of my favorite albums of all time. The broadway version not the soundtrack. Carl Anderson unfortunatly died at the young age of 54 in 2004. Yvonne Elliman plays Mary. She is famous for touring and recording with Eric Clapton (I Shot the Sheriff and others). She had a big disco hit off of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack called If I Dont Have You. Ian Gillan is amazing on this album. I don't think I have ever heard him sound better. Gethesthme is amazing. I have always wondered---There are guitar credits on the album for Stephen Vaughn----Is that Stevie Ray ? Whoever sings Pilate is great as well--I think it is Murray Head or something like that. Carl Anderson RIP----was an amazing singer. I saw a aniversery tour about 10 or 15 years ago with Ted Nealy (the orignal Jesus from the movie version), Carl Anderson, and Dennis DeYoung from Styx who played Pilate. It was at the historic Chicago Theatre and was an amazing show-

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I've heard great things about the tour with DeYoung but haven't found a recording yet. Anderson was AWESOME. If the credit on the album credits Stephen Vaughn, it aint SRV. He spells it Vaughan.

I don't know how it was spelled actually. Maybe it was him ? Any big fans that know what he was up to in the early 70's ?

The guitar credit is actually Steve Vaughan. Whether it is him or not I don't know.

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