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How does nu GNR stack up against other live acts?


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My son will soon be 15 years old and he likes GN'R music, but not a die hard fan by any means. When he was mad at me he would call GN'R and AXL a 'has been' and old and no good compared to bands such as A7X or MCR. I disagreed and told him once he sees them live he will change his mind. After the Detroit show last week, he said and I quote, "I will NOT be forgetting this concert any time soon." He loved it and now any other concert he sees we NEVER be as good, perod.... I saw a die hard in the making, first hand at the Palace of Auburn Hills !!!!!

Thanks AXL, Dizzy, Tommy, Robin, Brain, Richard, Chris, Ron, & Frank.

Rainman rock3

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