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Gillian's Edmonton Review


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So my friend Amber and myself arrive around 5:40. We arrive at the front door to find a shitload of people there. I make numerous runs to the south entrance but noone is there. Finally I managed to get into the south entrance where there is only a few people standing. Amber and I line up in front of the doors at the very front of the line. The waiting process was painfully slow and this guy ended up making fun of me because he didn't believe I was 19... but thats another story.

So the doors finally open a little past 7 and they scan my ticket. I get a horrible beep and they won't let me in. Turns out there is something wrong with the scanners so they push everyone out. This gets people a little worked up. Finally after the error is corrected we are let into the building. I asked about 12 different security guards and ran around the building twice and no one would tell me how to get downstairs to make it to the floor. By the time we got there the rail was filled but my friend managed to get us a spot.

We managed to get a nice spot right in front of the speaker left of center. I was pleased to hear that Axl had a ban on all crowd surfing and moshing. You had one warning for crowd surfing and the second time you were kicked out of the venue

The show started around 8 with the Suicide Girls. It was really a mixed bag of talent. Some good... some not so good. They were on stage till around 8:50. At those point the crowd is thickening and I am making alliances with select people.

After a quick set change Helmet goes on. I wasn't sure what to expect. It wasn't the greatest. Apparently their bassist was stopped at the border because of a charge for possession of marijuana so the Seb's bassist was filling in. They weren't really spectacular. I was mostly distracted by the variety (but repetitive) faces that the bassist made while he played.

Next was Sebastian Bach I officially adore that man. The amount of energy he has on stage is so unbelievable. He talked to the crowd a bit but basically was happy for being on the tour with Axl. I'll post more about their set later... I want to get to the main act.

So after Seb left the stage we had an hour to wait for GNR to go on. I knew that would be asking for trouble. At the point I have drifted more to the center. The main problem wasn't all the drunkards but rather the 16 year old kids. They spent the next hour pushing people and generally being a complete nuisance. At this point people are already being pulled out as they cannot handle the crowd. This went on for an hour.

With the lights dimming my heart sank as Axl walked on stage. I have to say it was such a magical moment being feet away from my childhood hero. Unfortunately I was on the wrong side of the stage. I had intended on standing at the right so I could be in front of Fink. That was slightly disappointing but oh well I was on the guardrail anyways.

I loved the joking around that occurred. Introducing Bubbles Axl had a huge grin on his face. During Liquor and Whores Axl sings bologna quite oddly and everyone chuckles on stage about it. Throughout the show (after the song with Bubbles) Axl would randomly yell fuck and then laugh. At one point Stinson goes off to the side and takes a security guards' walkie talkie and says something in it. The you see the main security guy walk near the other security guard and mouth what the fuck was that. It was one of those moments your could only see if you were at the front. The new songs sounded amazing live... except IRS. The sound seemed a little odd during it.. or at least his voice sounded weak or distant. A lot of people were being dragged out of the floor really early in the set. But Axl stopped mid song and was concerned about some people. While he was talking to a crowd a crowd surfer was pulled out by security and Axl instantly banned him. It was quite funny.

I will post a review on all the songs tomorrow. I am so tired and must get some rest.

oh they were sold out of merch at the end!!! No t-shirts etc... only fucking posters :cry:

Axl also mentioned reading (I am assuming on a forum) thats someone posted about him having to go to Edmonton's cold weather. He thanked us for giving him warm weather. Whats funny is in previous days to the concert it had been -33. And today we had a high of +5

Axl also made a joke/ jab at himself over riots. He talked about the attitude we had and how he was glad nothing went wrong with the show or we would have torn the place down brick by brick. He joked (guessing on his exact wording). That he wouldn't know what that was like... or something along those lines.

ha well here are some axl quotes stolen from nothingman at htgth

Some Axl comments:

1) Thanks the crowd for the mild Edmonton weather.

2) Talked to the owner of the Arena who made Axl and honorary Oiler (NHL hockey team). Axl says the crowd has so much energy that he is glad that nothing happens to make him cancel the show because he doesn't think this crowd would "disassemble peacefully" and not that anything like that has ever happened before, poking fun at himself.

3) Makes a comment about the "botanical" aroma coming from the crowd! peace

4) Says he made a mistake inviting Baz on the bus with him after the Calgary show because Axl says he (Axl) is hurting bad!!

I also enjoyed how Ron went infront of the crowd at the rail and let us strum his guitar!!

Anyways I will post more tomorrow.

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