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12/11/06 Portland OR setlist


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AMAZING show... screw the haters. You missed out. Lots of bustouts, and surprisingly, no Paradise. Me likey.

12/11/06 - The ROSE Garden (appropriate, huh?)

Guns n' Roses

Start - 11:50 pm

Welcome to the Jungle

It's So Easy

Mr Brownstone

Live and Let Die

Robin Finck solo -> Sweet Child


Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Dizzy solo -> The Blues

You Could Be Mine

Richard Fortus solo -> Fortus/Finck -> Out Ta Get Me

Axl piano -> November Rain



Down on the Farm

Bumblefoot solo

My Michelle (w/ Sebastian Bach)

Used to Love Her



Encores - Chinese Democracy


End 2:10 am

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i didnt get the walk-off at the end... so random. he just said "goodnight", the band walked off and the lights went up. absolutely no warning. see im so confused about what happened i dont even know if he even walked off.

we counted 4 people thrown out and one fist-fight.

it may be worth mentioning that after better he mentioned the "forthcoming album"... but didnt elaborate.

local radio did confirm the show was a sellout. for about half the show the place was packed (psa, dont go if youre so drunk you cant stand up... especially when youre next to me kthx).

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local radio did confirm the show was a sellout.
I wonder why a lot of people claim that this tour is a 'disaster' and the arena's are only half full, when for the most part, the shows are either sold out or 90% full. :unsure: Edited by Scrubs
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There is no way that show was sold out. I'm sure there are pictures of the GA floor floating around. I've seen Jr. High dances with more people on the floor.

The highlight of the evening was The Blues. November Rain was nice, but the huge security guards jumping over us to break up a fight kinda killed the mood.

There are a lot more drunken idiots at this show than the average concert. I guess it comes with GnR territory.

I'd give the show 2.5 starts out of 5.

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after playing better, Axl said: I have learned by now not to say that that is from our forthcoming album. But enough with all that. All this (something about false culture).

I nearly shat myself when he said "but enough with all that". I thought he was going to announce it right there.

Exciting show. He definetly was acting like he had to prove himself.

Personal theory, it is almost to GNR's advantage to have a revolving cast because the music is capable of adapting with time and the idea of GNR lives on throughout the ages. After such a long hiatus, if the original lineup came back, could they do anything new?

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There is no way that show was sold out.

oh, i know. arena management said it was sold out. for those who arent familiar with the rose gardens management, for years and years the would give away all remaining tickets to blazer games the day of the games to charity or some crap so they could claim a sellout.

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I had an bitchn' time. Thank you Axl you made my birthday complete. :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: Axl is real easy on the eyes (oh my). Sebastian was mas fina as well. Now I know why my roomate back when fancied Sebastian (not just cause he sings fantastic). His nugget is cut nice. People around me were asking "who is that guy?" They were entralled. Anyways, I had a floor ticket and I'd say that the place rocked. Axl gave a good show. The guitar players were most excellent but I still miss Slash and Duff, god darn it.

What the stupid Rose Garden should have done was let those people up in nose bleed section come down closer and fill up the first 2/3 floors or section off half the building like they did with KORN. Cut the costs and give the patrons a better view. Yeah the guards were rather large, reminds me of HB cops. They served hard liquor for the floor level. Some DJ on 101.1FM said Sebastian bonked his head with the microphone when he was slinging it around. Did he do that, I didn't see? Boy, if he did he has one hell of a welt on his head of his today. I was kinda worried that it would sling out and nail some other knob.

If Axl and his boys fall back this way again I'll be there. :kiss: one more for the road...be careful.

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