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Lycos Announces the Most Popular Internet Search Terms of 2006


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Web Users Have Spoken: Poker is the Most-Searched Term of 2006...LYCOS Announces the Most Popular

Internet Search Terms of 2006 and the Ones to Watch in 2007

Green Day is the most-searched band of 2006, for the second consecutive year.

Top 10 Bands of 2006:

1) Green Day

2) Pussycat Dolls

3) Fall Out Boy

4) Guns N Roses

5) Rolling Stones

6) Nickelback

7) Evanescence

8) Black Eyes Peas

9) All American Rejects

10) The Fray

Source: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/061213/clw018.html?.v=73

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I think that has less to do with people hearing good things about Finck and Fortus and more to do with people going... "Guns N' Roses. Man, I used to love that band. I wonder what they've been up to all these years."

It really says something for how badly Axl's screwed things up in the GnR universe. For some reason, their greatest hits can sell three million copies, they're one of the most searched bands on the internet, but they still have trouble selling tickets to the "band's" concerts.

ythats prolly cuz the old band was betta.

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Lycos still exists?

Thats what I was thinking, too! :book:

Ummm. Hey, bud - Do you know you just quoted yourself?

I never reliased you could quote your self?...

The reason there so higfh is because people looking for tickets to the shows. Just cause the american public is biased cause of what the former band members have been saying for years, doesn't mean that they cant do well in Europe...

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green day sucks, and come on falloutboy or whatever are you people serious heads need to be examined. well i suppose my own to, but still gay day not that thiers anything wrong with that. ha that still makes me laugh. the saying you know from seinfeld. well anyways catch ya on another topic. later

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