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Different concert sections


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All of those different sections for all the new-gnr concerts should go I think :) It really makes it a bitch to scroll all the way down to Support, or Musicians and VR and stuff. A lot of those sections haven't been posted in for months.

Hows about it?

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Yeah but I mean...like the June concerts, the Europe ones. I couldn't be bothered clicking on each one, but the ones I did no one has posted anything there in 4-5 months.

Basically I'm just lazy and it takes too much effort to scroll through them :P No big deal.

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Highvoltage is right, the concert sections are really convenient and they will stay.

Scrolling down the Forum to get to the Support section faster: the solution is to click on the "minus" sign at the top right of the sections that you do not wish to view.

As for having to scroll down to the 2006 Europe concerts to get to the 2006 North American tour, I have been getting this comment from a few people, so the Moderating team will defenetively give it thaught.

Many solutions can be implemented such as having the concerts appear in reverse order (newest concert first and oldest concert last), and/or categorise them by tour (such as putting all the 2006 Europe tour and 2006 North Amerian tour concerts together).

Thank you for your input,

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