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Any Manic Street Preacher fans?


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Yeah, Tigers is superb. I love it, especially 'Indian Summer.' With this is album they really do seem to have captured that EMG sweep and maturity with their original Clash-meets-GNR passion together in one place.

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Nicky Wire...

Autumnsong, in particular... James was really trying to deconstruct that song at one point because it was so obvious that it was Sweet Child O' Mine and Aerosmith's I See You Crying. And I just had to sit him down at one point and say, "if it sounds like you're ripping off Slash... it's a good thing. It's what you are." From that moment on, we didn't really have to work on anything. It just came naturally. We talked about not being afraid to be a tad clichéd. When we play live, we are a cliché - we play Paradise City and get up on the Marshall stacks. The hook line "Baby what you done to your hair?" is really close to an Aerosmith song. But it's a song about being young and connecting with something you love... a girl, a record you want to play twenty times in a row. Things that give you the power to go outside and believe you can actually do something. You get drenched in paranoia, being in a band. And it's stupid. Being in a rock 'n' roll band is just a euphoric kick.

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