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  1. also I think people are reading far too much into things as being a personal sleight on Bumble, or bucket. At no point has Fortus said anything to that effect about hating those people. Truth be told it's easier to collab and trade solos back and forth with 2 guitarists than it is with 3. November rain is a great example where it was basically "now this guitarist gets to do their solo" The solo spots were largely the same every night, where I think Fortus is alluding to here is more that there is more a jamming vibe between he and Slash now. I think it's similar to how Fink and he did the 'Bea
  2. Seeing the Ashba, Bumble, and Fortus trio in Belfast in 2010 shortly after the reading incident I thought the band had incredible chemistry together. I think in 2012 the band maybe lost a bit of energy. For me Fortus has added a lot of my favourite riffs to the Chinese material and his duelling back and forth with Slash on KOHD, Rocket Queen and wish you were here were the highlights of the NITL live show for me. It's strange reading the thread and seeing the disdain for him, because when I was here in 2004-2006 everyone was shitting on Fink at the time for being sloppy, in 2006 everyone was s
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