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Any fans of Ratt?

Guest Yanni_16

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Right on. There's a line at the end of the movie " Waiting" where the kid yells at Van Wilder and says : " We get it, you're the coolest dude at Shananiganz -which is kinda like being the smartest guy with Down Syndrome " That would apply here as well -

:rofl-lol::rofl-lol::rofl-lol: what a great movie!!!!

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THEY'RE REUNITING WITH PEARCY?!?!?! :xmasssanta: :xmasssanta: :xmasssanta: :xmasssanta:

I really like Ratt, and I meant Ratt as in the 80s and early 90s, not that shit so called version of the band from 2000-2004 with Jizzy Pearl on vocals and John Corabi singing backing. :confused:

By the way, for some fans, you may be interested in getting Stephen Pearcy's "Rat Attack", it's him with his band (which features Tracii Guns!, and George Lynch who was in Dokken, and Lynch Mob) doing versions of Ratt songs, I prefer some to the original, "You're In Love" for example I feel is better and Pearcy's voice is grittier.


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musically they were great, and wrote catchy songs. who cares if the lyrics werent up to your "palate"?? I think most metal bands in the 80s DIO, Iron maiden, Metallica, even 70s bands like foreigner, foghat, KISS etc. had some dumb lyrics, but who cares.

not every song has to be some poetry gibberish thrown together thats supposedly meaningful.

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musically ratt were one of the better hair bands of the 80s. their fist three albums are good rock albums but they really sold out on their last 80s album 'reach for the sky'. it's shit. muscially they pissed all over motley, poison, warrant etc. warren and robbin were great guitar players and juan croucier was a good bassist. unfortunalty they are lumped in with these shitty bands. their lyrics are awful but so what? a lot of the grunge bands lyrics weren't that great (especially kurts), they just get more respect because their lyrics dealt with 'issues'. (and i'm not being bias towards ratt i like aic, soundgarden, nirvana etc)

very underrated band. i think their best songs are

wanted man

i'm insane

back for more

lay it down

you're in love


slip of the lip

body talk

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Seen a thread on TheRattGang.com , where drummer Bobby Blotzer says this is not just a reunion cash grab tour , the're in for the long haul , and should have a new album out in 2008.

"I guess there will be new CRAP next year , that's just too bad , you gotta feel sorry for the people who hate their music , I mean how could they let this Aerosmith wanabee (LOL) group release more material"?

Saying Ratt is trying to be Aerosmith is like ordering a Whopper at Subway , both are good , but you have to go to Burger King for a Whopper.

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