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Dave Matthews Band

Gallagher Rose

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Have seen them at Rock in Rio in 2001 and heard their last album yesterday..what a horrid piece of shit.If you wanna be bored,go to this band's concert and you'll probably sleep or puke.I took some acid when they're were playing cuz Neil Young was going to play after to save the night.

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This band is the epitomy of boring in my opinion. how in the world they ever gained such a following is well beyond me. It's just the same song over and over and over again and it sucks. Definately not my cup of tea that's for sure. Probably biggest "I don't give two shits about them one way or the other" band I know of. They're really not even interesting enough to dislike if that makes any sense. They're just completely irrelevant. I'm amazed I even took the time to post in this thread. Probably because I agreed with the topic description Gallagher Rose gave.

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