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Greatest Hair/Glam Band redo


Greatest Hair/Glam metal Band Redo  

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Glam is 70s. These bands aren't glam, they're just hair metal.

glam metal/hair metal whats the difference.

OK, as long as it's not confused with glam rock.

EDIT: Lithium's already explained :tongue2:

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The term is "Hair Band" , Motley , Ratt , Cinderella , and others on the list are great Rock Bands without the hair , the term sucks , just wait when people start calling 90s rock "Pierce Bands"!

I picked Twisted Sister , Dee Snider has more hair than all the rest of those put together.

Only groups on this list , I don't own all the albums too are Whitesnake (don't care for) and Extreme (have greatest hits).

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Motley Crue, because theyre great.

though to be honest it only got glam in 84-85 really. they dressed glam in the early 80s but the sound wasnt - it was something they did to make you feel uncomfortable, and how better to do that than wear makeup as a man. just coz their wearing makeup doesnt mean they cant kick your ass.

Crue were at the forefront of the glam rock metal scene and almost created that scene on the strip. and hell, theyre still around. Crue are like a good fart. theyre great to listen to - you can take it seriously and they dont ask you to. If someone tries to take it further then its shit

they were one of the first in that niche, simple as. as much as many will hate the fact, Motley Crue were an important band in moulding american rock.

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Motley Cure.. rock3

But they were so much more than a hair/glam band from the 80's. And definitely they had more credibility and respect from the critics than the other bands on this list. And that fact that they are still playing live with so much success is the proof of that. rock1

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I don't like the genre, but there are a few Whitesnake songs I like so they get my vote

there's also Bon Jovi who I really like, but I like them for their 90s (and a little of 2000s) work so they don't count

also Aerosmith are kinda 'hair metal'-like on Permanent vacation and Pump and those are 2 of my favorite Aerosmith albums (although come to think about it, all albums by this band are favorites of mine)

I think that's about it with me and hair metal

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