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Pussycat dolls

Iron Roses

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saw these girls livre last year and they can really fucking sing (no joke)... i love lossen up my buttons baby song

great lil dancers too!! but i hate how they degrade themselves by strip off in their videos theres no need, coz they got the goods already


do you appreciate the dolls on here or are you all simple & narrow minded rockers?

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My fucking god, the lead singer is so amazingly hot! :wub: :wub: :wub:

Yeah she has a killer body!!

I like them not a huge fan but i enjoy their music specially when i'm at the club dancing, Buttons and Dont cha are great. B)

And their videos are pretty cool also.

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no offence but shes the worst looking one.. the blonde hottie to the right is babe of the band :wub:

i was hoping we could talk about their music?

NO NO NO! The blonde is also fine, but the lead singer stands out completely from the others. :wub:

NO she dosent she takes over, its fucking annoying & is after loads of surgery


fuckin :wub:

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Its about the music, not the looks. The musics typical RnB crap, and their voices don't have anything new to them. Like loads of RnB singers have more or less the same singing voice. Nothing original.

About the looks, they dress like skanks, to further illustrate their typically skanky music.

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It's music for stripclubs, which is also what they remind me of.

I don't listen to them, but I hardly hate them. They're videos do have a habit of catching the eye and making you watch all the way through I will admit.

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