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  1. confirmed - no audio from the twin shows at The Joint 2001. only some photos. too bad, reportedly those two were legendary. only audio bootleg from the very first 2001 show at HOB Vegas exists, and pro-shot video from RIR3.
  2. not true. they were cooperating at musical projects in the past, that's true. Brian's wife is someone else (remember - they have a kid together, about 10 years old at the moment - he went out of the band in summer 2006 because of the birth)
  3. fair enough, but those news would then be "Hu-gey"
  4. 5 times (+ Paris 92 rehearsals + 1989 mates rehearsal + instrumental demo), all 5 live audio bootlegs exist, no video bootleg. and I especially enjoy the first ever live version, from Mountain View 1991:
  5. yeah, yeah, whatever.
  6. there was no plastic surgery in 1999. http://www.gnrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?id=14269
  7. well... all this bitching is hilarious, considering the guy is out of the band for 15 years already
  8. together with Dave Lank (see UYI, liner notes for Don't Damn Me ). those two also were in a band called AXL back in Lafayette in the late 1970's - together with Axl and Izzy. Izzy and Axl of course in the next incarnation of AXL in LA, which later evolved into Rose and later renamed to Hollywood Rose. the rest is well known history edit: fuck, I got it wrong, story fixed.
  9. no, this has nothing to do with MSL.
  10. negative. I know a guy (a VERY legit one) who has those two real ones. (and if I remember correctly, he also has full versions of those "snippets" from 2013 - but he's waiting for someone to trade them for another hidden stuff before he shares them publicly... and he's after Atlas Shrugged which is known to be "leaked" to a few people, who never put it out for public, or more specifically, there are multiple Atlas Shrugged versions out there. find me the guy who has these songs, and I guarrantee you all this gets out eventually )
  11. if I remember correctly, the studio versions of BoD and MA do exist, but those 2 "leaked tracks" that got out around the same time as the last leaks batch were NOT those two studio versions, but fakes.
  12. cool! thanks for clarification, my friend
  13. no, just forget it. this fileservice is broken and it seems it cannot be fixed.