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  1. the setlist is known though http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/guns-n-roses/1993/omaha-civic-auditorium-omaha-ne-2bd67c9a.html
  2. I've only summarized what my sources say. thanks for being so nice. I guess it's time to share stuff somewhere else, because it seems the only thing one can receive here is insults. fair enough.
  3. my sources say: 1. Record Plant Recording Studios - September 21, 1990 - Estranged (Instrumental) - "Ruffs with New Slash Guitar" DAT 2. Record Plant Recording Studios - January 18, 1991 - Estranged (Original Mix) AND Estranged (Q Sound Mix) - "GN'R Mixes" DAT 3. Unknown Sessions - 1991 - Estranged (Piano) - "Use Your Illusions Outtakes 2nd Edition Plus" that makes 4 demos.
  4. I don't like the guy at all. but his drumming at UYI is damn good. listened to Estranged a few days ago, and man I was thinking about how good the drumming is. same about Locomotive, Breakdown or Coma. monsters.
  5. gosh, I hoped you guys would understand some irony in my post. oh well, that didn't work
  6. just found out this YCBM cover: I must say that in this particular song, Snowy Shaw sounds better than Axl nowadays, lol! yeah yeah, I know it's unfair to compare live performance to a studio cover, but still... now, start stoning me, pls.
  7. perfect job, as always!
  8. nah, it was much more. there's an article from 19th June 2002, which says Dave has already played at the Viper Room with Loaded http://www.laweekly.com/music/cocked-and-loaded-2134965 setlist.fm doesn't list the early 2002 shows unfortunately (correct me if there's a 2002 and also 2001 venue list somewhere), but it does list at least 8 summer 2002 shows in the US and EU http://www.setlist.fm/search?query=artist:(Duff+McKagan’s+Loaded)+date:[2002-01-01+TO+2002-12-31] also VR's wikipedia page says, that Duff introduced Dave to Slash during a Viper Room show (maybe the same as above, maybe slightly different date at the sane venue), so the two must have been considering Dave as guitarist by then. so it's safe to say Dave has played at least 9 shows with 2002-lineup of Loaded the Viper Room show must have happened in June 2002. and to put things in perspective, Randy Castillo benefit happened on 29th April 2002.
  9. just for the sake of completion - Dave Kushner was also a member of Loaded, in 2002, right before Duff went on to start VR, and picked Dave as a guitarist (he and Slash had already known each other from the high school).
  10. besides full audio bootleg (complete master and complete silver CD Missionaries, same source, 108min) there are 3 authored DVDs (JohnM, JohnM(2) and Will). all those seem to have the same source (front stage, slightly to the right side, 52min). plus there are 3 more clips (Nightrain and My Michelle - both screenshots, and a short clip of Axl leaving after the show).
  11. confirmed - no audio from the twin shows at The Joint 2001. only some photos. too bad, reportedly those two were legendary. only audio bootleg from the very first 2001 show at HOB Vegas exists, and pro-shot video from RIR3.
  12. not true. they were cooperating at musical projects in the past, that's true. Brian's wife is someone else (remember - they have a kid together, about 10 years old at the moment - he went out of the band in summer 2006 because of the birth)
  13. fair enough, but those news would then be "Hu-gey"
  14. 5 times (+ Paris 92 rehearsals + 1989 mates rehearsal + instrumental demo), all 5 live audio bootlegs exist, no video bootleg. and I especially enjoy the first ever live version, from Mountain View 1991: