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  1. minor updates - added Civil War DAT tape (I for some reason missed that one), added one more late 1986 pre-production session, small notes tweaks here and there
  2. slightly corrected Pasha sessions info. tweaked notes to re-released Hell House tracks. edit: one more minor update - added more notes for independently released Hell House and Sound City tracks
  3. update. Hell House sessions have been moved forward to 86-87 instead 85-86. the tracklist needs review, it will be updated later. 3 85 sessions/locations have been inserted.
  4. to my ear, the 3 promo snippets sound like again a more refined and "processed" versions of the Village leaks - if we look at the timeline, it kind of makes good sense. the Chinese Democracy intro riff sounds pretty much the same as the older leaks, just more "processed". I think Madagascar and The Blues have some additional guitar layers over it, but my memory doesn't serve too well on this. I think what they did was, just kept tinkering with the tracks in the Village studios since late summer 2000 to February 2004 - sometimes they actually worked on that, sometimes they didn't do anyth
  5. there has been quite a lot of trolling lately. yesterday someone talked about "Full Mates Rehearsal 89 Leaked - 20 Tracks" - and "backed that up" using a Bad Apples instrumental video. which was fake as hell.
  6. that's how GNR fanbase works in the last couple of years. of course these repressions didn't really change much, it's just things are not happening in the public, but more lower under the radar. it's kind of better, because no assholes are interfering in that.
  7. how is it "leaked" when nobody has it and people who maybe have it say "I won't share"? LOL.
  8. I love zombie movies. but none of the zombies involved are a band, as far as I know
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