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  1. if some "insiders" are to be believed, Quick Song also very likely has complete lyrics (and also different name).
  2. so, after a barrage of listenings, my own status update. the song grew on me quite a bit. I really like the bass as well as the guitar tracks all over. glad they dropped the old stupid intro, now it goes straight into it (nevermind the dumb schoolbell, fuck it). the first part of the song is definitely better to me than the old one, it has much more entertaining stuff going on, guitars and bass really own the song - the old one sound like a placeholder in there then comes the guitar solo part - here it starts changing and I still prefer the old one, maybe by not a big margin, but I do the bridge still sucks A LOT, I prefer the old one, but both are crap. and then comes the final part after the bridge, which is massively better at the old version, while the new version just doesn't make it good enough. and yes, drums and mix still suck, but oh well. on a decent audio speakers, it is fine. 7/10, just as Absurd. both are fine, if they keep delivering more Village sessions this way, I won't be too excited but it will be cool, I don't hate it
  3. I agree with you on this. the quick start on the new one makes the song much more enjoyable.
  4. ummhhhh... to me it rather sounds like the radio edit has compressed "radio quality" than a different mix, hard to say. it sounds different, but to me it rather sounds like low-bitrate MP3 than it would have a different mix originally. but I did no scientific checks, too lazy for that.
  5. cool, added in there. I also noted EOY vox sample included. I wonder if someone ever checked if the BBF Silkworms and 2021 Absurd vocal tracks are actually the same or not.
  6. yes, my mistake, it is the 2019 date, I will fix that. also thanks for confirmation by Fortus.
  7. well, my honest review comes here. what I like: bass line is cool; guitars are kinda good - not stellar but decent; vocal track is the old one, but fine; after a few listens at decent speakers, it grows on me a bit; they got rid of the intro which made the song start too slowly what I dislike: the final part of the song used to be the grand finale of pure guitar madness, instead of that it now just kinda ends; drums and vocals are mixed bad - vox are not as distinct as I'd like what I hate: the bridge is completely unneccessary and sucks; drums themselves are the worst thing on this - Freese's old track with drum snare leading to choruses is far superior in building up the track dynamic, while the 2021 track sounds very basic and uninspired what I get amused by: Eye On You vocals sampled in the bridge overall - 5/10 (as compared to Absurd which I rate 7/10)
  8. ummm... looks like I need to update this a bit again. OK, here you go then added HS single and note about the April 2021 recording sessions
  9. I like your thinking, mate. too bad your sense of reality is twisted and wrong, as our fellow co-fans luckily proved earlier in this topic. I'm so glad they did, seriously. I have no idea what I would do with my life without that. thank god to have such friends
  10. people at concerts would still enjoy and even praise this shit even if they just played KOHD for 4 hours straight and then poop onstage. it doesn't matter what exactly is going on onstage and how it sounds.
  11. because I'm not stupid to fall for the usual "dude Axel sounds better than ever, there is no Mickey, this is Gunses Roses in their prime and recordings sound totally different than live" argument. see https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/denial for details.
  12. for sure any other year over what we get in the last decade. RIR2011 was the breaking point and since then the "quality" is of utter shit. even the generally hated BH "helium" era was vastly superior to the unlistenable crap we get now.
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