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  1. When Dizzy's Piano fucked up on November Rain.
  2. If a new record were coming out that information would have leaked from national & social media by now. We knew everything about everything with Chinese Democracy 20 years before it came out so there's no possible way that some local radio station in LA has such crucial information that everyone else doesn't.
  3. Best tour since the Illusions is more appropriate.
  4. I remember the timing of this song leaking was not too far from when the album was finally getting released so it didn't get near the attention that others had. I feel this was the one song that Axl pulled off what he was trying to do the rest of the album. He finally made all the tinkering & instruments come together nicely. That outro is pretty sweet & simple.
  5. I'm only wondering out loud but there have been times that I've wondered if there wasn't some fill-in work done by the Robin Finck/Tobias Era. There's some suspicious guitar parts especially in "ISO'' that aren't Slash trademark moves & the outro riff is played close to, but not like they've always done it with the classic lineup. It's not that far fetched because that whole record is a lie anyways. Vocal overdubs, mixing performances with other performances, AND not to mention that it was not too far off from when I heard the new band's version of SCOM for Big Daddy.
  6. It's cool as hell to hear old demo's.. Don't know about them being 'better' but it's neat for sure.
  7. I stand with it like this..... Great moment and excitement a year ago, got to see a show in Nashville, now it's all died down and the reality of what it is sunk in toward the latter part of the Summer.... It's a business now and it's all about making that retirement nice and fat. There's not a creative desire/drive to take over the world, nor could they. I'm not mad because that's what most sensible fans have known for years anyway.
  8. Cool song and cool to know I guess but I'm really nervous that this is going to turn in to nothing but fans claiming this is their best song ever.
  9. Definitely age. Seriously, what's to rant about? How pissed off can you be clearing over a Million every time you go to work?
  10. Tokyo VHS changed my life. I was already a fan but this took it to a whole new level. I don't care if it wasn't perfect, it was everything I ever wanted in a sleazy rock band which was part of their charm.
  11. It's nuts how some boredom and enthusiasm to break news gets everyone worked up. There's so much untruth out there that gets portrayed as truth and this is a great example.... Slash didn't write Chinese democracy. First of all, that's not the same chord pattern, secondly, that's his intro to wttj. It's similar in rhythm that's all. You guys should really get a grip sometimes lol.
  12. Why has this gone 2 pages? Did axl & duff not clear all this shit up in that sit down interview back in November or whatever?
  13. It drags out a little too long to be just another song without any big meaning behind it. There's too much shit going on in it and just sounds like a mess live and wouldn't miss it too much if it was not played regularly.
  14. Other than a possible reference or two from Axl, this band is too professional & Machine-like to make it a big deal. The nostalgia hounds would love it, but already on this tour alone I've watched many theories on what should've been 'special' shows turn out to be just another show on the tour. You'll get a kickass rock show however! BTW, that's how it should be. 1991 is dead and gone and there's no sense in rehashing it.
  15. They played the commercial during WWE Raw tonight. It looks very much like promotion for more touring in the United States for 2017. There wasn't nothing eluding to new music or other ideas floating around in this thread.