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  1. Tokyo VHS changed my life. I was already a fan but this took it to a whole new level. I don't care if it wasn't perfect, it was everything I ever wanted in a sleazy rock band which was part of their charm.
  2. It's nuts how some boredom and enthusiasm to break news gets everyone worked up. There's so much untruth out there that gets portrayed as truth and this is a great example.... Slash didn't write Chinese democracy. First of all, that's not the same chord pattern, secondly, that's his intro to wttj. It's similar in rhythm that's all. You guys should really get a grip sometimes lol.
  3. Why has this gone 2 pages? Did axl & duff not clear all this shit up in that sit down interview back in November or whatever?
  4. It drags out a little too long to be just another song without any big meaning behind it. There's too much shit going on in it and just sounds like a mess live and wouldn't miss it too much if it was not played regularly.
  5. Other than a possible reference or two from Axl, this band is too professional & Machine-like to make it a big deal. The nostalgia hounds would love it, but already on this tour alone I've watched many theories on what should've been 'special' shows turn out to be just another show on the tour. You'll get a kickass rock show however! BTW, that's how it should be. 1991 is dead and gone and there's no sense in rehashing it.
  6. They played the commercial during WWE Raw tonight. It looks very much like promotion for more touring in the United States for 2017. There wasn't nothing eluding to new music or other ideas floating around in this thread.
  7. What it is is Axl fucked up the guitar part twice. He played the wrong chord and he got pissed at himself. Where he should've played the G#, he went to E instead and it threw him off.
  8. We are all know-it-all's in our own ways and nobody is excluded from that . If you're here posting on this forum, at some point you have presented your opinion as fact .
  9. Chinese democracy is better musically on technicality with virtuoso guitar playing and musicianship. It's NOT better in listenability. GN'R wouldn't have ever been as big as they were/are if CD was their debut album .
  10. Slash was always good but now he's knockin' on the door of Viruoso levels. He's no doubt better than he was back in their prime.
  11. It's an endless debate . You can tell by cell phone videos because you can hear when he sounds good vs when he doesn't . Also , of course it's different when you're there in person because you feel the drums in your chest , you hear the power of the bass , and you can actually see it with your eyes . Seeing it in person almost hides axls weak points honestly & that's why we come away thinking he sounds better than ever .
  12. You holier than thou fans that think you're better because you're not complaining, please STFU! GN'R doesn't need you to defend them because they don't care what we think. Axl doesn't play for us on the internet anyway. I promise you, no I guarantee you that if we got to looking through some of your posts we'd see the same bitching that your bitching about.
  13. SA fans may make for an amazing audience but they blow balls when it comes to periscoping.
  14. You are the man every fucking time with the links. I'll never know who you are sir but you're one of my favorite people ever.
  15. Is it mandatory that only folks in the upper decks can periscope? I'm happy to have what we have without a doubt but damn, let's get some periscopes from the pit or Section A, Row 1 or something.