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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    Tom Waits - Ol' 55
  2. Film Thread

    has anyone on here seen slingblade? one of my favourite movies ever. Billy Bob Thornton does an awesome job in it
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    Bruce Springsteen - Be True (live)
  4. Film Thread

    anyone seen 'high fidelity' with john cusack in it? i want to know what its like, if its any good? the reason i want to see it is because bruce springsteen is in it for a tiny bit haha
  5. Books/Reading Thread

    im gonna read hells angels by hunter s thompson and also catcher in the rye - sounds like a really good book
  6. Books/Reading Thread

    anyone read any good books recently? i want to know any good books to read, last actual book i read which wasnt a biography was fear and loathing in las vegas which was good!
  7. Film Thread

    anyone seen 'into the wild'? ive heard that its supposed to be good, and many of the reviews online say it was good, just wondering?
  8. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    is anyone addicted to playing the xbox 360? my brother and cousin are never off of it, they just sit there for hours! and whatever game they play makes this real loud rumbling noise! hate it!
  9. Film Thread

    what about donnie brasco? anyone seen that? also another classic movie
  10. Film Thread

    blow is good and fear and loathing in las vegas had gotta be one of my favorites as well, so is dead man! also love don juan de marco!
  11. Film Thread

    haha yeh that is the most obvious choice, he has loads of great movies
  12. Film Thread

    nice choice!
  13. Film Thread

    whats evryones favorite johnny depp movie? i seriously cant choose one cause i love them all, gotta say sweeney todd is awesome, dont usually like musicals but this one was cool and i actually enjoyed it!
  14. Film Thread

    anyone seen charlie bartlett yet? what did you think of it?
  15. Rumored Album Release Dates

    haha yeh i noticed that