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  1. This is so fucking dumb... the topic of this thread revolves around A POLITICAL STATEMENT, which is exactly what GNR did. It's kind-of impossible to NOT inject any political discussion into this thread. I suggest you move the entire thread to Anything goes.
  2. Finally, it's fucking laughable when people like Richard Fortus and Del James go on Twitter and attack Donald Trump for being 'sexist' or 'bigoted' or whatever... all the while participating in a band where half of their songs DEGRADE WOMEN. It's so rich of them. I'm sorry... I was hanging on by a thread with this band. Artists, including musicians and actors, should keep their mouths fucking shut. They live in a bubble and everytime someone like Del James or now, Axl Rose, opens his mouth, it really goes to show how incredibly stupid and brainwashed they really are. It's embarrassing. Not to mention GNR is now alienating half of it's fanbase. Most of which is too scared to come on here and speak their mind because they know they'll get flamed by left-wing-worshipping ass holes... who don't even know what they're talking about. I was so excited about this reunion, but GNR won't get a dime of my money ever again. I've pretty much lost all interest. Especially in hypocritical comments made by people associated with this band. Axl Rose is the one who sang about fa**ots and ni**ers, not Donald Trump. Axl Rose and his band, and the hangers-on (Del James... a nobody without GNR's success), are the ones who degrade women every night they go onstage with their lyrics. In fairness, I have to hand it to Slash, Dizzy and Duff. They're at least keeping their mouths (and Twitter feeds) shut about politics. Duff's article (I think on some place called 'noisey') that came out the other day was very thoughtful. At the end of the day though, count me out, GNR. Bunch of hypocrites. Axl should focus on giving GNR fans 100% like he gave AC/DC fans, and forget about politics. He sounds like crap on most songs with GNR (Mickey).
  3. Yay! You just demonstrated how selectively edited PROPAGANDA works from a handful of incidents at Trump rallies. If anyone got 'chills' from that... or it sways their train of thinking, well... hook, line and sinker. Shame on them. Here's some more propaganda for you:
  4. This is just laughable. You're definitely part of the problem with this country, dude. If you don't understand my point about the GNR references... you know... a band that degrades women with lyrics in many of its songs, maybe you shouldn't be voting. If you're going to like music like that, you shouldn't be pointing fingers at Trump for ACCUSATIONS from random women from 20 or 30 years ago. GNR's lyrics celebrates the mistreatment of women. What don't you understand about that? If you like that music, and you have the nerve to call Trump out, THAT MAKES YOU A HYPOCRITE. What about the countless, documented examples of Bill Clinton with his run-ins with women? SOME INCLUDING VIOLENT RAPE. Trump has only been accused of wrongdoings, and isn't it convenient that these women are only coming forward now? I should tell my wife to tell the press that she was groped by Trump. She'll get her 15 minutes of fame and then be able to write a book and make some serious lute from suckers like you. And don't give me any BS about Trump trying to deflect his issues onto Bill Clinton. If you don't get the point of that, again, you're part of the problem. The fact is, Hillary is a 'champion' of women... she'll defend them to no end. Especially women who have been sexually abused. Right? That's what she claims. Well, she went after Bill Clinton's accusers and tried to destroy their lives. As a lawyer in the 70's, she defended a guy who raped a 12 year old girl and won. That guy was set free. Yet, there's audio tapes of Hillary laughing about it, indicating she believed he was guilty. Why no fuss about that tape? And what about the tens of millions the Clinton Foundation accepts from countries with terrible women's rights records? Including Qatar... where rape is legal. Bill Clinton's past have EVERYTHING to do with the conversation. I'm sorry you don't see how it relates to Hillary Clinton and her stance on women's rights. And you honestly believe that when Bill Clinton flew on the 'Lolita Express' 26 times, the vast majority of those times flying to Epstein's private "sex party island" in the Bahamas, that he never engaged in the activity taking place on board that plane? That he didn't even see girls as young as 12 years old being raped? Do you think he was flying to that island to catch some sun? That's laughable. That's like saying that you were invited to a backstage party with GNR back in the 80's and not have a single beer... much less see one. And I'm sure you've NEVER embellished when talking about your own sexual encounters with women. God forbid any man do that! And I'm sure you're okay with Hillary calling many American's "Deplorable". Or showing a disdain for Catholics... Southerners... or referring to Latinos as 'needy'. That's all racism. Bigotry. But I guess you have selective vision. And don't worry, no need to respond. I've wasted enough time here. I won't be checking this thread out ever again. You reminded me just how much of a lost cause it is trying to wake someone the fuck up. One day you'll figure it out on your own. In the meantime, continue being brainwashed by the the liberal elites. They have you right where they want you.
  5. According to who? If that was really the case, dozens of those girls would be coming forward. And even if that were true, that's not as bad as flying on the 'Lolita Express' with sex slaves as young as 12. Mr. Epstein only got 13 months in a posh prison too... wonder who helped him get that deal? If you or I had one image of child pornography on our computer and were caught, we'd be put in jail for YEARS. This Epstein dude was busted for having under-aged sex slaves on his plane and on his sex island. The fact that Bill Clinton made 26 trips with him on that plane is flat out disgusting. 12 years old... complete innocence. Yet, the left wing media refuses to even mention this stuff, but they'll listen to some lady who claims Trump assaulted her on A PLANE like an 'octopus', 30 years ago. Sure, lady. If anyone is assaulted against their will on a commercial airliner, there would be plenty of witnesses. But that's headline news on CNN. And what's more hypocritical? Richard Fortus and Del James posting negative stories about Trump... calling him a 'racist' and a 'homophobe', or 'sexist'. Richard posted a story about how Charles Manson endorsed Trump... which was not even true. And even if it were, Del James pretty much worships Manson... posting stories about Sharon Tate's murder all the time on Twitter. Axl Rose IDOLIZED Charles Manson, and covered one of his songs. So should they be voting for Trump if Manson 'endorsed' him? On top of that, Richard and Del are associated with a band that has sung about n*ggers, f*aggots and immigrants in a very distasteful light. Not to mention about 1/4 of the GNR catalogue that denigrates women in general (WITH YOUR ASS IN THE AIR!) So, all of a sudden, these clowns are experts in morally and politically correct behavior. Gimme a fucking break. In fact, if any one of us on this forum has the nerve to point the finger at ANYONE and call them a racist, homophobe or sexist, we're basically calling the kettle black. Every single f'n one of us. We're here to support a band that has openly done all of those things, correct? Pussy full of maggots. You know?
  6. There is no right or wrong answer in this thread. Every opinion in here is just that, an opinion. There will be those who prefer Freddie to Axl. It can be measured by how many people like one over the other... but that's about it. And on a GNR forum, you're not going to get an accurate measure of that (will probably always lean toward GNR). It's like comparing Red Velvet Cake to Chocolate Cheesecake. Some people are going to like the Red Velvet better than the Chocolate, and vice-versa. Or well done steak vs. rare steak. One simply is not better than the other, but personal preference. That all being said... there is no such thing as 'best ever rock singer'. Just like there isn't a such thing as 'best ever dessert' or 'best way to cook a steak'. As for my opinion, I've never understood why people hold Freddie in such high regard. His voice is too clean... and at the risk of being flamed... may I say feminine? Unless it's a female rock band, I expect my rock and roll to sound mean... dirty... vicious. I'd even go as far as dropping Queen into the category 'Pop' over 'Rock and Roll'. And,to me, Freddie's voice is not unique in any way, shape or form. I've heard COUNTLESS artists that can and do pull off what Freddie was able to do with his voice. Which... to me... is nothing special and very, very average. I in fact usually change the station whenever Queen comes on. Freddie's voice pretty much annoy's me. Probably because of how hyped up he's become. It just makes me cringe, honestly. Call me crazy, but that's just my opinion. Now, Axl on the other hand... when he's on his game, he's completely unique. His raspy voice coupled with his incredible range is, in my opinion, something special. When he goes Mickey it's also cringe-worthy. But man, when he nails it (like he is consistently on the AC/DC tour), I can't get enough of it. It's hard to turn off any video when Axl is nailing it. But, again, that's just my opinion. And he clearly still has 'it'. It's mean... it's gritty... it's vicious and dirty. Coupled with Slash and Duff's sound, it's quintessential rock-and-roll. I just hope GNR goes into a prolific writing stage for the next decade and releases new music every couple of years. If they can manage to do that, they may just be able to stamp their legacy into the history books as one of the greatest RNR bands of all time... mentioned in the same breath as the Stones or Zeppelin. Pipe dream? Probably. But that's my hope.
  7. If that's the case, pretty crappy move by the big three. I mean, all these guys are very well off as it is. And this tour is so big that even if "the loot" was split up 10 ways, they'd still be hauling in a lot more than they would on their own. Not to mention future album sales being off the charts. If Izzy wanted in but also wanted his fair share, he should have gotten it. Really a bummer. Let's see how the GNR camp reacts.
  8. Former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal has revealed that he was diagnosed with bladder cancer again three weeks ago — less than three years after his initial diagnosis. Thal underwent surgery to remove two tumors the day after his August 11 appearance with METAL ALLEGIANCE in Brooklyn, New York and reports on his Facebook page that "all is fine." As it is very common for bladder cancer to re-occur, Thal will go for three-month re-checks for the next two years. The guitarist also wrote that nodules were discovered on both of his lungs, but added that they were "too small to crack the chest open for." He will "re-check those in a year for changes," and figure out how to proceed from there. Ron previously underwent surgery in January 2014 to remove a cancerous tumor. He stated a few months later about the experience: "It was really a quick thing. I mean, it doesn't compare to people that really have it and really fought it. For me, I was lucky. It didn't spread, it didn't get worse. They cut it out and that's it. But, yeah, it happens. Shit happens.” Thal left GUNS N' ROSES in 2014, but didn't publicly address his exit until earlier this year when he told Loudwire: "All I could say is you reach a time when you just know it's time to move on and you just know that what you've seen for your life, what you see the future of your life and what that is, it's not what you pictured for yourself.” He continued: "When I started playing music, I was six years old, and when I thought about what I wanted and what my goals were, and what makes me alive inside making music, and I just… I was looking at what I was doing, and it didn't match up. And I just needed to… I needed to go.” Thal joined GUNS N' ROSES in early 2006 as the replacement for Buckethead. The guitarist expressed frustration in 2013 with the lack of new music from GUNS, saying, "If something came out at this point, it would be very old material that is just being released now… We need to make an album of this band right now." The last new GUNS N' ROSES album, "Chinese Democracy", came out in 2008.
  9. This was the best YCBM since the 90's. I'd say on par with the 90's... pretty impressive:
  10. Let us not forget the bending/rocking keyboard act!
  11. Don't soccer teams in Europe and around the globe have advertisements on their uniforms? Is that not awkward? At least pro teams in the states haven't ruined their uniforms with advertising. Yet! Lol. Bet that's a matter of time.
  12. I know Lenny was at the Hammerstein show (opening night) in '06. He was in the VIP box. Just to be sure, I looked up an old article which confirms that. So, with it being basically an Axl solo show at the time, Lenny being there would tell me him and Axl were buddies. At least in 2006.
  13. Put me down as one of those fans. I'm well-to-do. A few hundred bucks for me and a guest wouldn't kill me by any means. I can just think of better ways to spend that money. Especially knowing that there will eventually be a smaller arena tour where, even if the seats are the same price, I won't be a half mile away from the action in nose-bleeds! Along with the next tour, a new album would probably be in tow. So... no brainer. Wait until the next tour and get more bang-for-your-buck.