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  1. This was the best YCBM since the 90's. I'd say on par with the 90's... pretty impressive:
  2. Let us not forget the bending/rocking keyboard act!
  3. Don't soccer teams in Europe and around the globe have advertisements on their uniforms? Is that not awkward? At least pro teams in the states haven't ruined their uniforms with advertising. Yet! Lol. Bet that's a matter of time.
  4. I know Lenny was at the Hammerstein show (opening night) in '06. He was in the VIP box. Just to be sure, I looked up an old article which confirms that. So, with it being basically an Axl solo show at the time, Lenny being there would tell me him and Axl were buddies. At least in 2006.
  5. Put me down as one of those fans. I'm well-to-do. A few hundred bucks for me and a guest wouldn't kill me by any means. I can just think of better ways to spend that money. Especially knowing that there will eventually be a smaller arena tour where, even if the seats are the same price, I won't be a half mile away from the action in nose-bleeds! Along with the next tour, a new album would probably be in tow. So... no brainer. Wait until the next tour and get more bang-for-your-buck.
  6. This sounds like it was written by someone in middle school. About the only thing the article was good at was grammatical mistakes. A lot of them. I mean, what does "you couldn't helping thinking about" mean? And the dude couldn't use a comma or parenthesis right to save his life. Hey dude... check out the following website. You could use it:
  7. Secret NY Show?

    Last time I checked, there's this thing called air travel. DET to NYC is about an hour and a half. GNR can also afford a private jet. They can fly in with bare bones equipment in the afternoon, play a club gig, and be back in Detroit before bedtime. I know people who fly so much it's like taking the subway to a working class New Yorker. It's really not that big of a deal. That all said, it still doesn't seem very plausible. But, then again, nothing is plausible in the world of GNR.
  8. I don't think he regrets it. Personally, I think the RNRHOF is really a side-show. It's kinda a joke. It's there to lure some tourists to Cleveland more than anything else. I don't think too many artists put too much weight into it. And if you ever visit, it's rather drab. I mean, the GNR "exhibit" is about the size of my closet with a crappy vinyl backdrop. Cool pinball machine... but man, the whole thing is rather boring. That's just my opinion. I'm sure a lot of other people find it to be amazing though.
  9. I guess you're right. Everyone knows how to get a job, but they just don't want to, they enjoy tattooing their faces and collecting free benefits from the government.
  10. If being overweight is stupidly easy to fix, and you have the answer to help tens of millions of people fighting obesity, if you're not a gazallionaire for sharing your infinite wisdom on how to easily lose weight, then you're stupid. There's no excuse why you shouldn't be marketing your stupid-easy plan to lose weight on infomercials after midnight for $19.99 a pop.
  11. He was in pretty good shape in 2010, too. And he's not in bad shape now, considering he's mid-50's. If he lost about 15 pounds and hit the gym he could be back in pretty great shape. Gotta get the boot off though! At the end of the day though I don't really care how he looks. I just want him to sound good.
  12. It's called political indoctrination. The left has devalued self worth to the point where everyone questions everything, including themselves. Hell, Obama said at a commencement speech over the weekend that people who are successful in life are there because they're "lucky". No shit. Has nothing to do with working hard and making wise decisions, apparently.
  13. Reunion. BBF left because he KNEW Slash and Axl were friendly again. He probably knew about the plans for 2016, too. He only left and was quiet about it because he didn't want to come out and say Slash was back in the band. That's pretty obvious. Even some of Slash's band members said somewhere that they knew about it all last summer. So I'm pretty sure Tommy and Bumble stepped aside to let the reunion happen. DJ followed suit. In fact, most of us were putting the dots together last summer when all of this was happening. But I do think that there will be a 'continuation' of the 'Axl material' from the CD sessions, with Slash and Duff's take on it, with some new stuff of their own mixed in. All of that simply to expedite the process. I think they all realize that they're not getting any younger and they have, conservatively, 10 years to pump out some new material and be relevant again and somehow salvage the reputation and legacy of GNR. Realistically, 5 years. So I think there's a sense of urgency to get the ball rolling on various projects and, quite literally, make up for lost time. I think we're all in for a lot from GNR over the course of the next 5-10 years.
  14. It's most certainly a rip-off... and a waste of time. And not just for GNR, for any band (through Ticketmaster at least). Couple examples... - GNR: I tried the original presale for DC. Then I looked at the non-presale rates (which were already posted... whether by mistake or not), and they were exactly the same. So I skipped the presale. Waited for regular tickets to go on sale and not only was I able to buy more than two tickets (I bought 6), but they wound up being CHEAPER during the regular public sale with more seating options available. - David Gilmour: Tried his presale. Wound up paying $500 for two seats. Days before his concert two weeks ago a few of my other friends wanted to tag along. Went on Ebay and found BETTER seats for like $100 a piece. And there were TONS available. Lessons I learned: Presales are worthless for a Stadium tour. There will be plenty of seats available when the general sale starts, and you'll probably find cheaper seats and be able to buy as many as you want. And if you're a risk taker, wait until a couple weeks before the show and check out EBAY. There's usually tons of seats for sale by then by people who can no longer attend the show and simply want to unload their tickets.