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  1. Reunion. BBF left because he KNEW Slash and Axl were friendly again. He probably knew about the plans for 2016, too. He only left and was quiet about it because he didn't want to come out and say Slash was back in the band. That's pretty obvious. Even some of Slash's band members said somewhere that they knew about it all last summer. So I'm pretty sure Tommy and Bumble stepped aside to let the reunion happen. DJ followed suit. In fact, most of us were putting the dots together last summer when all of this was happening. But I do think that there will be a 'continuation' of the 'Axl material' from the CD sessions, with Slash and Duff's take on it, with some new stuff of their own mixed in. All of that simply to expedite the process. I think they all realize that they're not getting any younger and they have, conservatively, 10 years to pump out some new material and be relevant again and somehow salvage the reputation and legacy of GNR. Realistically, 5 years. So I think there's a sense of urgency to get the ball rolling on various projects and, quite literally, make up for lost time. I think we're all in for a lot from GNR over the course of the next 5-10 years.
  2. It's most certainly a rip-off... and a waste of time. And not just for GNR, for any band (through Ticketmaster at least). Couple examples... - GNR: I tried the original presale for DC. Then I looked at the non-presale rates (which were already posted... whether by mistake or not), and they were exactly the same. So I skipped the presale. Waited for regular tickets to go on sale and not only was I able to buy more than two tickets (I bought 6), but they wound up being CHEAPER during the regular public sale with more seating options available. - David Gilmour: Tried his presale. Wound up paying $500 for two seats. Days before his concert two weeks ago a few of my other friends wanted to tag along. Went on Ebay and found BETTER seats for like $100 a piece. And there were TONS available. Lessons I learned: Presales are worthless for a Stadium tour. There will be plenty of seats available when the general sale starts, and you'll probably find cheaper seats and be able to buy as many as you want. And if you're a risk taker, wait until a couple weeks before the show and check out EBAY. There's usually tons of seats for sale by then by people who can no longer attend the show and simply want to unload their tickets.
  3. Huh? You mow a lawn, not a garden. Get out of the house much?
  4. Great new album name?

    Would it be 'pretty cool' if your mom or dad was one of the people that died in that accident? It's not 'pretty cool'. It's pretty fucking stupid, ignorant and insensitive. Might as well be an image of the twin towers. And if you think that was cool, too, then maybe some photos of piles of dead bodies from the holocaust. Pretty cool? Grow the fuck up.
  5. Great new album name?

    "Frozen Over"
  6. Slash Health

    He was talking about his shirt... taking his shirt off. Not his top hat.
  7. Your suspicions are correct... it wasn't just prepared for 200 people. BUT, there are a lot of fans who were led to believe that Coachella and then Vegas were going to be the first shows. So I'm sure they tried to keep this warm-up as secretive and private as possible out of respect for those fans. All-the-while knowing that some bits and pieces of the show would leak out to the public (us), knowing they'd need some kick-ass hints as to how bad-ass they were going to sound to help SELL TICKETS TO THEIR STADIUM TOUR! It's actually brilliant marketing, and certainly planned. None of this was an accident or coincidental. After the tour I'm sure they'll release the Troubadour show for sale, which will eventually make it's way to Youtube just like any other GNR show from yesteryear. PATIENCE!
  8. Again... I've been around for a long while. And although things aren't always black-and-white, it's been pretty clear who was going to make up the touring band (refer to the drumhead auction... Frank posting on Instagram... etc.). We hardcore fans SUSPECTED an Adler or Izzy appearance tonight, and suspect that will still happen at some point, but it didn't happen. Not sure why it was such a surprise and why it's ruffling so many feathers (and why those birds need to keep shitting on the situation).
  9. The 'apriledwards42' character in that commentary must be seeing totally different video than we all saw. From what I've heard in the video clips, Axl was nailing it. Best he's sounded in a long while... since the Rosebar in NYC. Hell, since '93.
  10. I hope you're doing well, Maddy, but I've been around since day-1 and I'm not upset Steven or Izzy aren't there. Frankly, it's been pretty clear who's in the band since that drum head auction. Sure, it would have been nice to see the original 5 onstage together, but that's not happening (yet). I'm sure it will one day. Honestly, reading posts about people upset it's not the original 5 is like reading posts about people complaining about the lack of a video feed or someone's social media videos. We should all really be enjoying this for what it is. Not for what it should be in a fan's mind. Again, day-1 guy here... and I couldn't be more thrilled. And I've learned that if I'm not particularly happy about something, I'm not gonna shit on other's parades and complain about it while they're trying to enjoy it. Don't like it? Fine. You made that point. No need to keep skipping the record.
  11. Don't remember GNR posting anything about a livesteam. They did sell tickets to the show for $10 a pop though! Why didn't you go get in line?
  12. OMG... this must be a huge deal! Madison is back! How you been girl?
  13. Lol... I don't think this is the MOST EVER anticipated reunion. There's been a few reunions that were more noteworthy. Pink Floyd and Zeppelin come to mind. Hell... Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin reuniting was probably a bigger deal to most people at that time. The Beatles (less Lennon) was pretty big in the 90's. No doubt this is a huge reunion though.
  14. You guys are all suckers. Why in the world would Izzy post something about a TERRIBLE Axl impersonator? Especially in Spanish?! Izzy speaks English and lives in the States. So do I. I don't spend my time browsing Hispanic Youtube pages. And the hyphen in one of his tweets was a Spanish hyphen. Last time I checked, English speaking people use an English keyboard. Not a Spanish one. I have a pink elephant for sale, that can fly... I bet many of you would be interested.