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  1. Bullet logo in the background doesn't cut it? I'm with amaninjapan on this one, I think its gorgeous.
  2. The David should have smaller hands too, brilliance isn't always perfect, my 2 cents.
  3. I'm digging it, different and I like the simplicity. Anyone know what the reference is?
  4. God damn that one is amazing. I need it.
  5. It's in a link to Facebook, check the last page. Don't get too excited before you go see it.
  6. Why not just take it out of the cardboard and throw the cardboard away then? Put some rubber bands in your pocket before the show.
  7. Any packing at all is a massive upgrade over most of the shows where they just pull a litho off the stack and hand it to you. In Atlanta the guy suggested I buy the GNR wristband for another $5 to roll it up.
  8. There were a couple reprints that were not real lithos, bangkok was another one someone did this for.
  9. I'm not sure what lithos you saw, but none of us have ever seen a Dubai litho on ebay, and a few of us check ebay every day.
  10. Hey everyone, if anyone is able to snag an extra litho for me, I'll reimburse all expenses and throw in some beer money. Also have other lithos to trade if that's more interesting. Hope all you guys enjoy the show!
  11. Anyone who can snag me one, I'll cover shipping, materials, and beer money! Also have a couple lithos to trade if that's preferred.
  12. Speaking for myself, I haven't seen anything I'd trade a concert-sold Rocket Queen for. BTW portugal was close to being awesome, but the skeleton girl ruins the whole thing imo.
  13. Its from Hong Kong, its not legit, no matter what the description says.
  14. So I managed to snag a Perth Bunyip! Not in my hands yet, but my sister is travelling through Australia and I told her to look out for any cool GNR stuff since they were just there obviously. She was just in Brisbane and I randomly got a text saying that she was at a record shop with the message “Here’s a GNR poster that’s kind of ugly but the guy says they were only sold at 1 show.” And lo and behold, it’s a bunyip! I told her to buy it immediately. She sent me a better pic when she got back to the hotel.