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  1. Sorry to hear it, which litho was it? Most people don't know how to ship these things, the tubes need to be inside another box or bigger tube.
  2. Correct. People need to realize that back then artists made their money from album sales and the tour was a means to sell albums. Today, its basically the other way around.
  3. Me personally, I'm not overly concerned about the value or where certain lithos are heading. If I like it, I try to get it for my personal enjoyment and like to trade with others doing the same thing. So from that perspective, I think Osaka is extremely underrated since no one talks about it, but its a killer litho. I also love Atlanta but most don't and that's cool.
  4. Yeah, you have to click the sold listings button to see it, its got the $2k crossed off and says best offer accepted when you do it.
  5. Well it does say Best Offer Accepted, so he didn't get $2k for it.
  6. Wow that's really obnoxious. Makes me think he doesn't actually want to sell it.
  7. Honestly, that sounds too good to be true so I'd be skeptical if that was a serious offer, I'd reconfirm that's the deal on the table. Nonetheless, the April Fools alone is a great deal for the Spider. Aside from the fact that its THE most significant litho in terms of GNR history, but it was the first show and those lithos were not bought by resellers, thats why it almost never hits ebay and is really hard to find. Its owned by fans. Remember guys the resellers didnt start buying in bulk until late July last year, when the tour was more than half over. That's why the earlier ones lithos with good designs (sorry Detroit) are hard to find. Plus, April Fools is a classic design that's very GNR, vs. the spider, which is rare yes, but let's face it, the art just isn't something most people want to proudly display, unless you're either a biologist who studies arachnids or the type of person who keeps a pet tarantula.
  8. Well the problem of course is that the spider is pretty hideous. Who wants a big hairy spider on their wall? I have 15 lithos framed on my wall and another 10 on the bench that didn't make make the cut. The Perth spider might be rare, but it doesn't crack the top 20 in terms of something I want to look at on any kind of regular basis. Rare doesn't always equal cool or desirable, sometimes things are rare but still hideous and undesirable. The Adelaide red head skull only had 150 made, and the sellers cant give those things away.
  9. Honestly dude they are worth what someone will pay for them on the day you want to sell. They sell for pretty wide ranges so I'm not sure I see the point in this, they are worth more to people on this forum than casual fans, etc. Also, the skeleton surfer is San Diego, not LA.
  10. I own a lot of lithos and have looked at hundreds of ebay auctions for them. I've never even seen a picture of a litho with a number inside the top 30, the lowest I've seen is my Houston #39/300. I think its very safe to say that the crew and friends/family of the band gets first dibs, or something like that.
  11. This is really strong, I love that video.
  12. I Fucking love The Darkness, really hope they do the US shows. Seen them twice, they do a great show.
  13. This. I was 100% positive I'd never have a chance to see a real GNR show, now I've seen 2, one from the front row, and a 3rd in August in the pit. I'm super pumped, you can't let "great be the enemy of good." Sure I'd love it if they cancelled KOHD and replaced it with DDM and DH, but they are also playing freaking coma every show, so I'm happy and am not expecting absolute perfection from a band thats 30 years old and weren't speaking to each other for 22 of those years.
  14. Always loved The Who and seen them 4 times, first time was in 2000 and the last time was the full Quadrophenia show in 2013. Don't need to go on about whats great about them, but I'll say this. If you've never seen a concert in the Caesar's palace Colosseum and a act you like is performing there, you simply have to go. I saw Elton John there 3 years ago and it was without question the best sounding concert I've ever seen by a mile, and I've been up close for a lot of shows. Its not a big venue and it sounds like you are in the studio with the artist.