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  1. When I went to see them play in Vegas I had almost nothing to go on for over 20 years .I had seen Guns 5 times over a short period from opening for The Stones and concluding with their shows with Metallica .I remember Axl as being one who could run around like a madman and still sing with incredible power .With the first Vegas show I thought that he sounded ok but walked away thinking time is undefeated and he had lost quite a bit of power but he was still passable .Fast forward 4 months to Dodger Stadium and I was blown away at his performance.It was if time had stood still in a sense .I thought he sounded fantastic for his age and any age for that matter for a majority of the songs .I rarely watch videos from other shows but follow the tour /setlsit etc on here .The other night was excited like many on here for the Apollo show I checked out quite a few videos and played the audio while driving and the loss of power is very noticeable to me in many songs .The first thing I noticed when I seen Metallica a few months back at the Palladium for the first time in 15 years was how much power James Hetfiled had lost in his voice but he still sounds passable and I'm curious to see /hear again next week if there's improvement .As far as Axl is concerned he still sounds passable even good on some songs to me but if it gets any worse on certain songs is it time to retire them live ?ycbm ,scom are 2 that come to mine after listening the other night .