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  1. Wtf you guys, I wasn't gone that long, was I? Just been doing some real life stuff. And I lurked around a bit too, to at least keep up with you all Now that'd be the ultimate pairing! Beta and Aquaman! They can elope and swim off into the sunset together, leaving Axl free to pursue... other things. Lol I never believed in "Axl is with Sasha for sure" or "Sasha is pregnant" or anything else. And this whole Alixl thing will probably turn out to be nothing too. But I wouldn't mind it being true. Axl's not getting any younger, and Beta won't be around forever either (nor will her kids always have the time and willingness to take care of Axl as he gets older), so I'd like to see him settle down with someone and spend the last decades (hopefully) of his life with someone that cares about him. I guess if we still see her around from now on, then there probably is something going on. If she disappears again now that London and their opening slots are a thing of the past, they're just acquaintances who partied together. I like that Against Me story, I remember reading it in the Izzy thread. Pretty fascinating that Axl and the other guys being so androgynous looking had such an impact on a young transgender kid. Funnily enough, pretty much the only association I have with Against Me's singer is her singing "Androgynous" by The Replacements with Miley Cyrus. I saw a video clip of that somewhere. So that's another GNR connection right there lol. She looks really cute there imo... And yes, I can see she also looks like Axl when he was young here Please everyone refrain from pointing that out to me I couldn't put my finger on it exactly, but Google saves the day once again:
  2. I'm gone for a few days and suddendly everyone thinks Axl has a new girlfriend Interesting. I agree that it's unusual for people like Andrei, Susan, Grace etc. to be around her so much too. When have they ever shown so much interest in a support act? Maybe they know "something" is going on, and they want to be supportive or whatever. Honestly though, I also don't hate the idea of Axl and Miss Mosshart. Seems a huge step up from intelligent 20 year old models. Also klicking on that Sun link led me to an article (or rather a picture) of Ronnie Wood with his twin babies. Apparently he is married to a 39 year old and has two little daughters with her. That makes the age gap between Axl and Alison Mosshart seem downright normal. And maybe there's still a chance for Axl to pass his genes on too Anyway, Axl & Alison (Alixl?) have my blessing lol. (But then again so do Axl & Melissa, Axl & Erin, Axl & Slash, Axl & Izzy, Axl & Duff,.... ) BUT. Let's not forget about Beta & Tom Jones. They are by far the most important and exciting couple around
  3. LOL No. People who think Steph freaking Seymour is oh so beautiful are out of their damn minds as far as I'm concerened. Her face alone is terrifying when not photographed and made up just right. I'd take Melissa over that woman any day. Exactly.
  4. Guys, I wasn't saying there was any deeper meaning to Slash's and Axl's pocket bandanas, I was only speculating about the origins of this particular "fashion statement" or whatever it should be called. I'm well aware Axl wasn't trying to signal the world he likes to take it up the ass from big hairy guys or something. Probably. Hadn't thought of that, but you're right, this theory makes a whole lot of sense. You know, I always pictured it the way Slash and Axl did it. Probably because the first time I ran across the hankie code was a long ass time ago on a really dumb/trollish thread either here or on another forum where someone "analyzed" what Axl's and Slash's bandanas in various pictures meant. (And no, I don't remember the results anymore ) Yeeeah.... especially the second and third pic. And the cowboy hat sure doesn't help either
  5. We've actually had a discussion about his bad posture before and about the potential causes for it. Iirc, @Blackstar and a few other people had some theories about it. Fact is, he's had bad posture/hunched shoulders since forever (even in videos and pics where he was really young still), so it's maybe not something he can really help. About the handkerchief... well, it's a rock n roll thing, isn't it? Slash and Axl nearly always used to have bandanas/handkerchiefs in their back pockets back in the day. Duff and Izzy too sometimes. And I think Slash still wears them a lot as well nowadays. It's probably just a style thing to Axl. I do know that wearing different kind of handkerchiefs started out it in the gay scene. It was called the "hankie code". The color of the hankie you wore and the place you wore it signified... things, so like-minded people with compatible interests could easily recognize each other. (Disclaimer: I learned this from the internet, so no idea if this is actually true and how common it was.) The only thing I don't understand is how it crossed over from there into the rock and metal scene. Especially since those tended to be rather homophobic back in the day.
  6. Animatronic T Rex? Sounds like a good bet then to catch Slash lol. And how come everyone knows where they're staying in London? Thank you! So he was only talking about the song order? I thought he'd maybe told some disgusting but funny story or something Also @Andy14 I was going back through the thread trying to figure out what I have to index and saw you mentioning that Myles Kennedy will be in Prague on your birthday? Are you going to see him? Sounds like the perfect birthday plan for you (What's he doing there anyway? Playing with Alter Bridge?)
  7. Forgot to ask/comment on this... @money honey I just remembered I actually have a question for you. In the show thread, someone mentioned Axl saying "Too much information, I can't help myself" When did he say that and what was he talking about? Do you maybe remember? Or does anyone else here know? I was wondering about this too. My first thought when I read her post was "Is she talking about Axl?" as well. I think it does sound like something he would do. And the fact that she doesn't directly name who she is talking about also makes me think it's about Lord Axlmort aka He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-Or-Pictured-In-Social-Media-Posts. More evidence of him and Melissa getting along really well, I guess. For reference:
  8. I'm not saying Izzy and Duff aren't close, I just think Slash and Duff are closer. Yeah, pretty sure Slash is as sober as can be. That video though Gotta admit, Slash's drooling is pretty disgusting. And Myles. At first I was like "Well, Myles sounds pretty decent on this one." Then he started singing the high parts at the end of the song and my ears started to bleed. Yes, shouldn't GOD have better control over his bodily functions than that?
  9. I really, really hope Axl isn't that far gone. Like, I'd hope he at least talks to Izzy on the phone every now and then and asks questions about the whys and hows of what's going on with the band. If he really doesn't know what happened with the whole Izzy thing, that'd suggest a terrifying lack of control or caring to me for whatever reasons (mental health issues, TB manipulation, being drugged to the gills...). But since Axl does have a control freak reputation, I pray this isn't the case. He does suck at that. Have you never seen Perla's list of lame Slash excuses? ... But Izzy isn't Duff's best buddy. Slash is. Duff has always chosen Slash over Izzy throughout the history of this band and I think he always will, so I'm not really surprised. They're practically family. I think it's like this: Duff may be Izzy's best buddy in the band (I'm disregarding Axl here because Izzy and Axl's relationship is complicated lol), but Izzy is not Duff's. Which sucks for Izzy, because he doesn't really have anyone who'd stick up for him, since Axl and Steven are both too screwed up/incapable of doing so for various reasons. Duff himself may not have taken credit for it, but other people like Duff's wife, Marc Canter and some guy whose name I can't remember anymore have basically confirmed that this is what happened. So yeah, I agree that is what happened. Also agree with the people saying it wasn't just about the money. It's always way more difficult with this band, there are probably layers upon layers of issues and miscommunication involved. Can't wait for the tell-all book one day.
  10. Also about the Jazmin thing: This entire drama has mostly passed me by and I wasn't really aware that this was going on, but I'm surprised Slash would a) recognize that girl in a crowd (has he seen her face before or something?) and b) immediately have her kicked out of the concert. But I guess he's just not taking any chances when it comes to the safety of his family probably...
  11. Yeah, that'd be nice for Axl. I hope it's true. Oh yeah, I remember the picture of Natalia Rose folding Axl's bandanas lol. And now the hat picture... she's probably around him a lot, both on tour and off tour, yeah. Iirc, Grace has posted (or worn- didn't someone once post a picture of Grace wearing a GNR shirt here?) some GNR related stuff, but usually in relation to her dad. But maybe she's fond of all of them- she certainly adores Slash. Remember when Slash congratulated Grace on her birthday and Grace was all "Thank you, I love you Uncle Slash <3" Since both her dad and her Uncle Slash are fine with Axl again these days, maybe she is too? I think it's safe to say Duff's girls (and Meegan's girls) have met Axl, so maybe he just made a positive impression on them. Wonder if Axl has ever met Slash's sons though. Nothing dramatic. Meegan's younger daughter apparently posted a picture or a video of Axl during a show and captioned it "Daddy". Some people were creeped out. Some younger people explained that this was very common among young girls/women. So we had a huge discussion in this thread about the topic of teenage girls calling older men they're attracted to "Daddy". Especially since a lot of other girls on Tumblr and Instagram seem to do the daddy thing with various GNR guys as well. Like I said above, a lot of people felt that way, but maybe most of us are just too old to understand it. Also the kid in question is pretty young, so let's not go around calling her creepy. As @killuridols said, there already are a lot of whackos out there ready to harrass and talk shit about these children, so let's not talk badly about them here (which would be against the thread rules anyway). Looks like that one cat of his that always has a bitch face in every picture (Dijon? Whiskey?).
  12. @dgnr Forgot to say, great review! Though I admit I laughed at your lengthy descriptions of Slash's drooling. "Magical" Yeah, looks like she cut him out and stuck him on some background and framed it. It's a pic from this photoshoot (Google didn't provide me with the exact picture Grace used, but these are nearly identical): Not just naming the cats Axl.... It seems that this little gang of young ladies has a soft spot for Axl or something. Also relevant to this topic: Vanessa posted a picture of her daughter wearing Axl's hat earlier. Not gonna post it here, but it's on her Instagram if anyone wants to see it. Considering all of that, I think you might be justified in suspecting that Axl might secretly be closer to these children than we know of, @Tori72. Who knows, Uncle Axl might well be very popular with all the little ones, from the babies and toddlers to the teenagers
  13. Well That picture must have either been taken at the McKagans' house or at Grace's own place (if she has one). It's interesting either way. Either the McKagans have a picture of young Axl among their family pictures (which would be nice of them I guess, though I don't see why they wouldn't use a more current one) or Grace put up a pic of young Axl herself among her stuff. Which is more likely imo and... interesting in other ways, I guess
  14. I agree 100% with everything you've said here, but the bolded is a good point I hadn't thought of yet. But it's very true- on the two occasions I can recall of Axl talking about Izzy since the NITL tour started, he didn't seem pissed off at all. Quite the opposite actually. When he replied to that girl holding the "Where's Izzy?" sign at a show, he was grinning and joking around and in a pretty damn good mood. And during the Brazilian interview, he didn't seem angry either, mostly just unable to explain the situation and a bit drugged. But he was like that for the entire interview, basically. Hah! Told y'all
  15. @BorderlineCrazy Cool story, thanks for sharing. You and @Lumikki must be the luckiest people in this thread @dgnr Hope you had fun and had mercy on those poor guys. They're old and weak now, and probably couldn't even handle one of you I only have one thing to say to this: Slash should know better than to post pedo-ish shit on his social media, so I'm not really surprised I didn't see the other one with the child. And yeah, if you add the other spanking pics in as well, it certainly comes across as creepy and sleazy from a guy his age. But so does his entire Instagram account, if we're being honest. No, someone at some point in this conversation just used the word idiot or moron or something, and I just felt like saying that I don't think Erin and Meegan were necessarily stupid (though they certainly don't strike me as particularly smart either...), but probably something more along the lines of young/innocent/sheltered/naive or whatever you wanna call it. To be fair, none of them seemed to have much of an understanding of the word consent back then. Scarily enough, not even the girls and women around them seemed to grasp the concept, going by various stories we've heard and books like the ones @Kris_1989 mentioned some time ago. LA in the 80s must have been a pretty fucked up place. Tori, not really. Like @MillionsOfSpiders and @janrichmond, I think Slash was actually pretty nice towards Axl in his book for the most part. I expected much worse when I bought the book and was surprised by how kind he was being to Axl while reading (...relatively speaking). Even with the story of the two girls above Slash was being pretty generous with the way he phrased things and by keeping it so vague (only hardcore GNR nerds like us here would even know what he was talking about, thus allowing Axl to come off better than he deserves in this situation). Slash could easily have made Axl look a whole lot worse even if he'd just told the actual story of what went down instead of merely saying Axl was unnecessarily angry and aggressive about it. All things considered, it seemed to me like there was a lot of love and affection for Axl in the way he talked about him, but also a lot of hurt feelings and resentment. He constantly tries to play both of these things down, but that made it only more obvious imo. He was clearly still not over the whole thing (just like Axl lol). I also got the impression Slash was intentionally careful when talking about Axl so as not to piss Axl off too much and to not endanger his chances of being included in a future reunion, same as he has done many times in other instances. I mean it didn't really work, but that is mostly because Izzy and Axl are two sensitive little Indiana flowers who don't like anyone telling the world anything about them --------- I disagree with @MillionsOfSpiders about Duff's book being bad though . Considering that Duff (unlike Slash) actually wrote it himself, I thought it was pretty decent. And kind of inspirational and moving. It made me shed a manly tear or two, which Slash's book didn't manage (though it was very entertaining). Also, I have to say, Duff's book made me like him more as a person, while Slash's book had the opposite effect on me. As much as I love Slash and as much as I love his playing and everything, he didn't exactly come across as very likable in his book. I'll agree about Steven's book being shitty though. Pretty badly written and only interesting for hardcore GNR nerds like us.