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  1. Not really.... Dear Erin, Hi love, how are you doing? It’s just before dawn here in Hamburg and I was thinking of you. And I didn’t want to wake Izzy so I thought I’d be different. The flights were actually fun. I’m reading my book and trying hard. I just took a much needed hot bath and read a little. It (the book) seems to give me new hope– I feel like maybe someone can finally help and understand me– I don’t feel so alone. Hamburg seems to be cool but I've noticed the people are much harsher than any place I've been. Now I know where it really comes from. Tell Torque and Geneve I love them and will see them soon. Hopefully we will have talked before you get this note- I love you, and I miss you. Thank you for coming back and also for holding me, that is one of the most important and special moments of my life. Wish me luck - I'm gonna get some more sleep and hopefully go out and see the sights tonite. Thinking of you always, Love - Axl - Not new, but I actually find it hard to read letters like this (not just from Axl, but other people's letters in general). Stuff like I’m reading my book and trying hard. I just took a much needed hot bath and read a little. It (the book) seems to give me new hope– I feel like maybe someone can finally help and understand me– I don’t feel so alone. or Thank you for coming back and also for holding me, that is one of the most important and special moments of my life. is so intensly personal and private, it makes you want to look away. It's Axl at his most vulnerable and it's also pretty fucking sad. Makes you wonder what he was feeling so alone about? And finally help him and understand him regarding what? His mental health issues? His childhood? Curious to know what book he was reading. And that other sentence Paints a picture of a very dysfunctional relationship right there. Erin probably leaving after they had a bad fight once again, then returning after all and holding and comforting Axl, even though he was likely to blame for making her leave in the first place. I think he probably did share a room with Izzy there, yeah. Before they got super famous and when they first started touring, they probably had to share rooms. Reminds me of these pics of Slash and Steven in bed, where Slash appears passed out and Steven is all over Slash. I guess they were sharing a room when these pictures were taken as well. Room sharing politics must have been fun back then: Izzy: "Why do I always have to share with Axl?" Steven: "Because I'm too scared to share a room with him and you're the only one we're sure he won't kill." ... Steven: "What? Why can't I share with Slash anymore?" Duff: "Because I'm sharing with Slash from now on. Go ask Del to share with you or whoever." Steven: ... Obscene noises: *coming from Slash and Axl's room* Izzy, Duff & Steven (exhausted and sleep-deprived): "Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to let Slash and Axl share rooms?! The noises! We'll never be able to un-hear this " ...
  2. Yeah, lots of abused kids (even ones who've suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a parent) feel confliced and torn about their parents. And what you describe is pretty close probably to the situation Axl's mom must have been in. I remember Axl talking about how abuse and violence is generational and tends to run in some families and then he said something like "It stops with me." That line has always stuck with me. And it seems he really succeeded in the end. It was in response to the South Park episode where it's revealed that Slash is not real, but just a fairy tale character. Any of you guys plan on buying some WAR lingerie? Or a lunch box at least?
  3. Yeah, that's how I feel about it as well. Kids playing around with Ouija boards and stuff like that is one thing and I wouldn't think twice about it if it was something more along those lines, but the stuff you mentioned above... Highly questionable. Pretty weird and creepy too. I also agree that it seems out of character for Izzy. Maybe that's another thing he's paranoid about these days.
  4. Yeah, I think what Axl did was brave, but maybe it wasn't the right time yet. If it had been 2017 instead of 1992, his comments might have been received a lot better. Well Niven is a complete tool, so his opinion on anything can be disregarded anyway, and Zutaut... is a bit of a questionable character at least. What they probably saw was Erin reacting in passive-aggressive or vaguely toxic ways to the situation she was in. But I think anyone would do that in unhealthy relationships like that, unless they're a complete doormat or completely intimidated by their partner. Not to mention that Erin came from a dysfunctional family background herself and was very young at the time, so it isn't exactly surprising she might not always have acted in the most mature ways. But at the end of the day, it wasn't Erin or Gina who beat Axl badly enough he had to go to hospital or until he had to stop working. It wasn't them who would get violent with him because of ridiculous reasons like stubbing their toe. Not to mention other awful stuff I don't even wanna get into again now. So whatver they did or didn't do doesn't even begin to compare to what Axl did, and it's dumb to present this stuff the way Niven and Zutaut do.
  5. Most likely he said a couple of dumb things about Axl as well, but I was more thinking of something he used to do that I read about somewhere: Apparently Kurt Cobain, knowing about Axl's history and how much he hated to be called by the name he grew up with, made it a point to check into hotels using the alias "Bill Bailey". It's quite likely Axl learned about this sooner or later too, as with most of the other negative stuff coming from Cobain's/Nirvana's side.
  6. He was also complaining about other people (like neighbors and more distant relatives I guess) talking badly about him in that rant- "Look what he's done to his mother, she can't even go out of the house now!" Other musicians, who are/were aware of the stuff he said in those interviews have also used it against him, like Gene Simmons or Kurt Cobain. But I was mostly referring to what he said in 2012: Psychological issues: "I worked out a lot of them. It was strange to get successful and lose almost your entire family. Then you end up with daytime TV talk shows. All of a sudden, things considered horrific when I was growing up were so what? You were abused? Who cares? There should be more of a public acknowledgement of reality. When I talked to Rolling Stone about it, I thought people would take a harder look at my stepdad. Instead, they came down harder on me. That's still confusing to me. But surviving at any level is good. I'm a lot better than a lot of people predicted. They were rooting for the opposite. There were things on the Internet about how I'd be found dead. I had a very dark attitude." We knew that Axl has said his stepfather did not sexually abuse him (at least I knew he had said that and I had the impression everyone else discussing this was aware as well). I mean that's why we were debating this in the first place- because what Zutaut says is in direct opposition to what Axl has said. Iirc we even speculated why Axl might have lied about this, or at least made it seem like it only happened to his sister, if we assume that what Zutaut says is true. I had forgotten about him saying that his mother stayed with his stepfather out of insecurity though. That answers some questions, yeah. He appears very conflicted about his mother in that interview. There's still some love and that old feeling of wanting to help and protect her he describes, but also a lot of bitterness and him just letting go of everything and leaving it (and her) behind. I don't think it's that confusing. Knowing and being aware of something theoretically doesn't necessarily translate into making the appropriate choices in real life. It's like these people who swear to themselves they'd never be like their parents, but then they actually have children and fall back into the behavioral patterns of their own parents and slap their kid or scream at it sometimes. Unfortunately, people tend to revert to the behavioral patterns that are ingrained into them when in situations of high stress or pressure. If those behavioral patterns are ones of violence and aggression, as learned since early childhood, then It takes a lot of work to overcome shit like this, but I have to hand it to Axl on this one, he's one of the few people I can think of who seems to have significantly improved and really turned things around in this regard. (Interestingly enough, I also remember both Axl himself and Gina Siler talking about how it's not really a rational thing when Axl gets angry, but more like a switch getting flipped and all reason flying out of the window. To me this explains why Axl appears like a very likable, charming fellow when in a good mood, but how he could be utterly terrifying to be around for people like Erin or Gina, when he was upset or mad about something. Instead of reacting like the average person when in some kind of emotional turmoil (i.e. upset or angry, yeah, but not violent or scary), he probably reacted like his step father would.)
  7. I assume pain, hurt, hatred, rage, etc. about his fucked up childhood probably. Remember, Axl was (or rather still is) very upset about how people reacted to him when he opened up about his childhood and did the RS interview and so on. He didn't expect the backlash he received and probably felt very pissed off at society in general for not being more understanding. I remember him saying something like he still doesn't understand why people came down so hard on him for talking about this instead of taking a closer look at his stepfather. Or for a completely different interpretation - I remember reading an old thread on here discussing if OMG was about repressed homosexuality. So his secret gay feelings for [insert other dude of your choice here] or just him being gay in general would be the emotions he feels wouldn't be accepted in this case. Looking at the lyrics, I can see how you could interpret it that way. But personally, I think the WT interpretation makes more sense I wasn't referring to the hair color anyway What you guys have in common with her is that most of you'd also scare the hell of Axl and some of you (happy now @stella and @Tori72? ) would also be all over the poor guy.
  8. I agree. And it's not just Axl; if you read/listen to his interviews, it seems like he hated Axl right from the start, but he also appeared (or still appears) to think Duff and Steven were/are retarded and hopeless cases, and he can't have had much respect for Slash either, if he tried to fuck Slash's wife/fiance (I don't blame Slash for wanting to get rid of him after that). He's also the source (or one of the sources) of the whole "Slash will do anything for money" thing. While that may or may not be true, it's still a shitty thing to say for someone in his position. Niven's also to blame for bringing the moron that is Doug Goldstein into the GNR world. And the damage "Dougie" did to that band is hard to put into numbers, but probably extensive. Anyway, you can't manage a band if you only respect one 1 out of 5 band members. And as you say, he probably did damage to Izzy too with all of that black magic nonsense.
  9. I think they're fucking ugly and the shit he claims about them is ridiculous Bolded: Okay, let me try.... "The chorus is about deep and agonizing emotions, which (for one reason or another) are not socially acceptable to express, even though expressing these emotions in appropriate ways could help a person heal or find release. Emotionally speaking, the song both draws from personal experience as well as as the film and its metaphors. Being allowed to express the emotions I just mentioned is not something I take for granted. (??) Good vs. evil blahblahblah, I struggle with responsibly managing my own free will, blahblahblah......" I can't continue this I tried and it's still not much better Maybe the simplest thing would have been to say: "It's a song about child abuse and people prefering to look away instead of listening to the victims, because they don't want to hear about it." (That was the thread interpretation anyway, iirc) Well, Slash is a liar, but Axl was just too dumb and gullible to realize that these people were much bigger liars and frauds than Slash could ever be...
  10. Ahahaha Magic Tree University strikes again! What a bunch of bullshit. Nothing but made-up crap wrapped in fancy language to impress the dumb and gullible. Been wondering about this too. The only connection between this rambling mess and Axl is the mention of "Living Art" sculptures (or something like that) because the airport incident crystal ball sculpture was one of these living art sculptures he makes. I just bet it is. Axl used to write pretty normal letters back in the 80s and 90s. A bit random, kinda funny, sometimes surprisingly sweet and emotional, but all in all pretty normal. A lot of his more recent writing is just like the Arcos Cielos crap: Full of unnecessarily complex sentences and big words, like someone trying too hard to appear intelligent. The first example of this was his explanation of Oh My God and then the trend continued from there.
  11. Kid in the last row, second on the left. He's wearing a white T-shirt and is hunching his shoulders. I noticed that too lol. It's the same with Axl in school pictures- always one of the youngest and tiniest looking kids, compared to the others. Either Axl and Izzy both were really small and under-developed while in school, or they were so gifted they just put them into classes with older kids or something...
  12. Don't know how much stuff is out there, but I made a thread in D&N about a video featuring Yoda's husband once. Because the guy even mentions Axl in this one and says he's one who gave him the crystal ball thingie that made Axl lose his shit during the 1998 air port incident. Apparently Axl keeps/kept that thing next to his bed. I also remember seeing a video of Suzy London (Don't Cry video "therapist") on Youtube. She's a complete fraud as well. They're all such obvious fakes and charlatans, it's ridiculous.
  13. Second on the left, last row. I'll take your word for it, but don't you have a bigger version of that picture where you can actually read and see stuff?
  14. Well there we go. Another reason do dislike Niven confirmed. I never had much of an opinion on Niven when I was a more "casual" fan. But when I started to dig deeper, I became really disgusted and annoyed by Niven. The things he says and does are either a) really fucked up and disgusting, e.g.: - recording a domestic violence scene (or a dispute at least) and using it in one of his other band's songs (whehter I hear it or not, iif he admits that he did it, then so be it...) - the whole "Yet again you failed at something, you fuck up / Look at my happy marriage" incident - when he arm chair diagnosed Axl as austistic and talked about how much of a burden Axl was for everyone around him - when he basically said Izzy never liked Axl and was pissed off at Axl for following him everywhere - and fuck it, I'll add the dog rumor he spread about Axl too, because I love dogs, and so does Axl, and making up sick stories about killing dogs is disgusting to me as well (and also hurt Axl's reputation) b) stupid, rude and/or obnoxious, e.g.: - trying to involve himself into the band's song writing - hitting on Slash's fiancé - constantly talking as if Duff is/was stupid and acting all shocked about Duff going back to school and writing books/articles (seriously, how well could he have known Duff if he didn't realize Duff was a smart guy, depite being fucked up on drugs? Even in old interviews from back in the day, Duff talked about wanting to go back to school, about having been an honors student in high school, about what books he liked to read, and so on. Apparently Niven never noticed any of that...) - the dog thing again - having secret meeting with the rest of the band members about firing Axl (so incredibly stupid for various reasons ) c) plain crazy, e.g.: - taking Izzy on black magic adventures - putting spells on Axl - the whole thing about ACDC being satanic Very perceptive interpretation of Izzy's behavior. I've had similar thoughs and I think you're probably spot on about this. Because it IS hilarious. It just is I can just picture them bitching about Slash's book to each other so well. Maybe Axl even called Izzy up in the middle of the night again with a copy of Slash's book in his hands, going through it like he did with his old diaries, and complaining about every single untruth or unfavorable paragraph
  15. 1) Izzy being paranoid about his past coming back to haunt him: Yes, Niven has mentioned this. In a rather recent interview too, iirc. Don't remember which one anymore though unfortuantely 2) Niven providing lyrics: Yes, true, according to Doug Goldstein. Axl took the lyrics and threw them out of the bus window, never to be seen again. 3) "Yet again you failed at something": Particularly nasty behavior by Niven, since that was part of his comments to Axl about his and Erin's marriage being annulled. He really rubbed it in too, telling Axl all about how great his marriage with his own wife was and how they'd be together forever or something. (Which didn't end up being the case, funnily enough). @stella Points 2) and 3) are things Doug Goldstein said in a long-ass radio interview, the "highlights" of which @Lumikki transcribed in this post here. Some pretty interesting stuff in there and worth reading (or listening to if you can stand listening to Dougie's voice lol) (Purple stuff is Lumikki's comment) Isn't that just a rumor though? I tried looking this up once and found no real concrete evidence of it. I even listened to the dumb song I think and you can't really hear anything worth mentioning iirc. But if it's true, then yeah, seriously fucked up and shows what a douche Niven is. ------------------------------------ @Blackstar to the rescue again Thanks, that's the one I meant. Had forgotten about the bolded part. Gotta admit, that's kinda sweet. How could I forget ^ This is what I imagine the "Women's Thread Party" to be like. All of you are that blond chick, and Axl will look even more terrified than he does here. (And yes, I think that's Nando keeping an eye on the action in the background. Creeepy. )