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  1. OMG is just an odd track to release after 5 years. There's other tracks such as SOD or the title track that I believe would have done better along with promotion. It wouldn't have set the world on fire but the album would've done much better in that period.
  2. There was a thread recently about Trump and NR. The quote he said about Axl may have been from 92.
  3. I'm surprised Axl hasn't posted much since election day. Especially since what happened at the Capitol. Such irony that Trump said he's his favorite rockstar and loves November Rain. Meanwhile Axl hates his guts.
  4. Is this true? If so it would be nice. AFD is the more important and historical album but UYI was when they became a global band. I'd like to hear the rough mix version Slash mentioned in 95. He said it was better than the released albums.
  5. Agree with you guys. It's frustrating that there hasn't been more albums and it's also true about the hit and miss ratio. CD has some good songs, some okay songs, and some stuff I skip. Overall I think it's a solid album but it gets picked apart because it's basically all we've had to go by for a long time. Releasing more albums from different era's with a different mindset and vision for each album would've yielded more good songs. It would've also helped out Axl. I'm sure he would've changed his singing for newer songs and it could've benefited him live. Rotate some of the more vo
  6. I know the music for OMG might have been 97 when Duff was still in the band. Also This I Love in 98 which was erased and according to Dave Dominguez was completely different apart from the title. In fact he says a lot of the songs on CD are completely different aside from the titles.
  7. Really the only way is a deluxe version of CD or even a Chinese Democracy sessions compilation. Other artists have done this. You could have the original mixes, remixes, and the rest of the songs that were recorded. Even updated versions of some of the leaked songs. I think it could really put that era to rest. One question I have is what are the earliest recorded CD songs with vocals? The bulk of the songs were said to be recorded from 98-00. I'd like to know what was recorded in 98. Also what was it that got Axl back to singing and writing lyrics after such a rough period for him person
  8. Here's an interesting article I found with tidbits before the HOB show. It's from a roadie and his recollection of December 27, 2000. Some highlights: •Axl having his own tea guy. •The roadie making Axl tea. •Axl with guitar in hand showing the band something he wanted to do during Madagascar. I'm assuming he might have played it as well. •Buckethead being able to play every song known to man. •Axl singing & playing November Rain on piano in the studio. https://www.louders
  9. I kind of wish he would adopt the same style as he did in 2006/7. The leather jackets, vests and jeans were a good look. I could do without the wide open shirts though. He dresses like a middle aged dad now which I suppose he kind of is.
  10. I agree with this. It gets glossed over but even those albums were a difficult process. Some songs are basically solo driven. It's why I have an appreciation for them. Its Guns' White Album. Izzy saw early where things were heading and left early. Saving some of those tracks would have been a good idea. It seemed like they emptied their vault so to speak. I've kind of derailed things a bit but a lot of these issues continued to the CD band. Guys like Josh Freese, Buckethead, Robin Finck etc. came in to try and set a new direction. Axl sold them on a new vision and I think most o
  11. Slash seems to be implying that he didn't want the band to rush things. Take their time and not rush an album. You're always going to lose some fans with time between albums so I see his point. Plus the mid 90s were a shift in terms of musical tastes. A lot of bands from that era changed things up a bit. I think the band (Slash,Duff, Matt,), were as patient as they could be. As creative guys they just couldn't work the way they were. Late night recording sessions with no end in sight. There was music recorded in 94-96 but Axl was the main hold up. He didn't want to contribute lyrics
  12. I think any time from 99-06 would've been good for releasing CD. The ideal period would've been 00-03. The public were starved for a big rock band like GnR. OMG was a good test for public reception. Catcher would've been a good 2nd single for this purpose in 2000. Release it as a one off but still include it on CD. It wouldn't be universally loved but it could have easily gone multi-plat; they could have gained a new audience with an album people could actually listen to. It was a big thing in those days just to get boots of this stuff. Just huge opportunities blown to capitalize on the 0
  13. Your first part I agree with. I feel this was the case until 2016 when Duff and Slash came back. There was a portion of the press and public that were relentless in not accepting the new GnR. Axl seemed to like and support whoever was in the new band. Most of those guys past and present have nothing but good things to say about Axl. I just don't think Axl ever fully embraced Nu Guns or ran with it as its own entity. After CD was released the new band seemed to exist to tour and make money. Not unlike the current band honestly. Axl himself however for personal and business reasons ke
  14. Honestly even at HOB his looks had changed. He looked like an approximation of what you'd think he'd look like but still noticeably different from the 90s. He's obviously wearing a wig and his face just doesn't look natural compared to the past. He was seen in June 2001 at a 76ers/Lakers finals game in Philadelphia. This was shortly after their summer tour was canceled. He looks very different there. December 2001 was the shows at the Joint. He'd noticeably slimmed down and had visible abs. He looked similar to Jan 2001. I'd like to know what happened between the Joint sh
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