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  1. I recall someone in the late 90's actually asked Axl this. Even he was aware enough to know that people wouldn't care as much without the Guns n' Roses name. He was also getting huge advances predicated on a new GnR album. It was still Guns n' Roses to him because he felt like those lineups were still a band and it was a collaborative process. To your point though, I think Axl was/is creative enough to carve a career on his own merits. It's a shame he never went that route. I think the pressure of being the sole leader of Guns N' Roses since 1994 has definitely been a huge burden for him and h
  2. Thanks. This website is like the Chinese Whispers one but more digestible. Del is such a lame yes man. I'd like to think Slash pulled a George Costanza here.
  3. The date of the article linked is April 97. Going by that, I've always wondered why Slash carried on as if he was still in the band when he left months before. Even if the article was written before, Slash left 6 months previous.
  4. This is a great point I remember all these bands being featured on MTV and other media and seeming pretty mainstream. My local station that only plays pop hits plays I Write Sins Not Tragedies every now and then. I feel like I've heard it more the past few years than I did in 2005/6. Fallout Boy arguably had more success during their comeback in 2015 as well.
  5. I'm just picturing a whole crowd of photographers on some celebrity and Axl just quietly walking by while whistling.
  6. I think he explained one time that he just goes where they aren't. And probably yes to the second part. One of the few times the press caught him was shortly after the reunion in an airport. They asked him his thoughts on Prince's death. I can imagine now that it's easier to not be seen when you can order anything you want to your home.
  7. Even then, you can break it down into eras. By the UYI tours he dropped that classic rock style from the 80s (tight leather pants, tank tops, leather jackets). Never liked his style in 93 with the big Manson shirt and shorts along with the backwards cap. It seemed a little too casual.
  8. Seems pretty tame by Axl standards. Prime Axl would've tried to start a fight. He was and he knew it with the open shirts. I said before I'd be nice if he rocked that style again. 44 year old Axl looked more mature than 57 year old Axl. Like someone on this board showed, put his old hair on him and he looks like 93/94 Axl.
  9. It's a great relief that he no longer comes on late. Even in 2006 he was pulling that B.S. He seems more mellow in the past few years. Have there really been many angry Axl moments/rants? And I'll take boring predictability over wild unpredictability and riots any day.
  10. The horseshoe mustache was a different look and you could say it was fresh for a few months but he kept it for almost 5 years. It's so strange how he'll stick with a style for years only to never go back to it again.
  11. That's real interesting about the UYI albums and something that's probably lost if you weren't around at the time. Back in those days videos were arguably the most important thing for record promotion. I feel this is a big reason why Chinese Democracy performed how it did. Just one video (maybe for Better), and some in person promotion/ tv performances could've gone a loong way. I don't think they could be "street" or "gritty" at that point when someone like Axl was dating supermodels and living in a mansion in Malibu and Slash was performing with Michael Jackson. I think GNR really
  12. That's probably part of it. Axl preserved that image of them for a long time. We never got to see a middle period for the band when most bands see their interest fade and decline artistically. Instead for most people it seemed like Axl was warped ahead 10 years with a new band and not a whole lot of context. Point being, people never really lost interest in the band when Slash was a member. I kind of only include him because Duff was never the pop culture figure that Slash was/is. The band faded away for 8 years; when they returned Slash was gone. There was a real longing for the 87-
  13. You could probably argue 2016/17. There was no music but he looked in better shape than he'd been in years and also put on some good performances. The problem with Axl, like a lot of things in the past 20 years is the lack of a follow up.
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