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  1. I feel like they could've made Use Your Illusion one album and used some cut tracks as B-Sides or even as holdovers for a separate album around 94/95. I think 2 albums in the end was the best situation for both the band and the fans. I do think the weight of supporting and touring 2 albums contributed to the demise of the band for the rest of the 1990s.
  2. Would Hard School even be a consideration if the Locker Leaks hadn't happened? Do you think Axl completely forgot about it until someone played Hard School from their Rough Mixes 3 folder and Axl was feeling it?
  3. I really think there's some open wounds that stem from that tour that haven't fully healed. I also think it might be difficult for Axl to look back and see that guy on stage knowing there were deep problems going on internally. Duff was also in a bad place then as well.
  4. I never knew until today that the person writing down notes on the cover is a "cherub".
  5. You should post it if you still have it. I'd love to see how it's held up after 29 years. You'd have to actively try to have merch this bad. Seems like someone messed around in a design program for a few minutes and called it a day. I could celebrate the UYI anniversary all the same by going to Kohl's and getting a UYI shirt for 12 bucks.
  6. I'm in the same boat in that I signed up on this forum nearly 10 years ago but there was a long gap between me posting. I only recently shed the new member tag last month since I rarely posted. Regarding Guns, their setlists have in fact changed. It may not have changed as much as some people have liked but performing Locomotive, Dead Horse, and re-debuting Absurd shows they haven't been completely static.
  7. Guns are at a point where they have to play a lot of the hits. Same with a lot of older bands like Foo Fighters, Metallica, RHCP etc. There's some bands like Pearl Jam that can get away with playing real deep cuts or change setlists but GnR isn't one of them. I think people overstate the importance of different setlists, especially when most of the crowd has no idea what Dead Horse or Locomotive are. They're really there for WTTJ, Live and Let Die, SCOM, and Paradise City among others. They're willing to sit through Chinese Democracy or Better to get to the songs they remember. The stop/start nature of Guns n Roses from 1994-2009 means many fans left years if not decades ago so their only frame of reference is Appetite, Patience, or the big singles from UYI I and II.
  8. Guns n' Roses just seem like a very unsentimental band. It'd be great if he just gave a short speech on stage about the albums and tour in a somewhat positive way. Thank people for supporting them back then and ask the crowd who was there on that tour to get a pop.
  9. One thing I wonder is if it would've made much of a difference even if they had finished that tour. I think things play out the same as they did but maybe the band tours again in 2004/2005 instead of 2006. The album was in a state of limbo even before the 2002 tour and would be for years after.
  10. 5:45 am after the show ended at 3 am. Eddie Trunk and crew interviewed pretty much everyone else as a backup in case Axl called it off. I consider myself a night owl but even I check out by then.
  11. Axl's sense of fashion publicly has always been in phases. The guy rocked a horseshoe mustache for 5 years but hasn't had it since. Whatever happened to his collection of Charles Manson shirts?
  12. Remember when Axl made him wait til super late in the morning for his interview on That Metal Show.
  13. I imagine Axl circa 2003 carrying around a CD called Axl's Secret Mix.
  14. I just came across an MTV news report on another forum about it so it definitely seems real. I need to find it, someone posted it as a Vimeo video.
  15. They must've gotten the 12 song tracklist from the album Axl promised. He sent a fax to MTV on October 31, 1996 saying a 12 song album plus B-Sides was coming and more importantly, Slash was out of the band.
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