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  1. The interesting thing is their last show on October 3rd had 7 covers (5 if you exclude LALD and KOHD). Surely there's slots in there to place different songs in the future. You could take away 2 of those covers (I Wanna Be Your Dog, Black Hole Sun, The Seeker, Wichita Lineman, Slither) and put in a Guns song they haven't performed in years like The Garden , You Ain't The First, or Bad Obsession. I give the band credit because they have done this. Locomotive was such a cool choice to pull out and shows Axl was willing to perform a song more casual concert goers might not know.
  2. My key point is brand new songs. It's a shame there haven't been any. I wouldn't even expect a whole album to be performed but putting 3 or 4 new songs in a setlist is a direct reason for people to see them again. They can still play all the hits but this would make them drop some of the covers. Its felt like one long tour since 2016. I give them credit for adding songs to the setlist especially since 2019. I don't know how many people thought they'd perform Absurd again or debut Hard Skool let alone release them as singles. Those 2 songs oddly got more attention than any of the songs that made Chinese Democracy. Did Chinese Democracy get any singles?
  3. The shows from 2016-present would be a lot more fresh if like you said they rotated a few songs from possible new albums which even legacy acts do. It was basically necessary to add Absurd, Locomotive, Dead Horse, Hard Skool because it seemed like the same selection of songs for a few years. Just one or two new or rarely played songs freshens things up. If new music isn't on the horizon they can continue to dig back in their catalog because there's still some good songs that haven't been played in a long time.
  4. He can dig out the chaps he was wearing in 1986.
  5. I'd scrap the screen show and instead have Axl change outfits to fit whatever song they're playing. Loincloth for WTTJ, Cowboy outfit for Dead Horse, Angus Young style school boy outfit for Hard Skool etc.
  6. I think I asked this question before but I wonder how much of it was shot on film? It probably wouldn't be HD quality like Get Back. The best way to do it is to highlight certain moments on the tour and get the perspective of the members today. End with the Argentina show and their thoughts on the tour as a whole. I'm sure there's some funny, not so serious moments in there despite the tension of that tour.
  7. I can somewhat see early Guns really needing the money before Appetite hit big. Good on Vicky Hamilton for looking out for them.
  8. Thank you. I feel like that alludes to enough to get a gist of things. I wonder if Axl had mellowed enough by then to allow a conversation to happen. Even though he left the band Slash always seemed willing to come back if Axl asked. I think the 94-96 period was just too much and something Slash had to step out from. Still amazes me from Axl's end, there's an interview from 2009 that feels so scathing and final regarding the Axl/Slash relationship. I feel like it thawed somewhat in the early 2010s on Axl's part. There's a video I saw on YouTube where Axl is telling a funny Slash story to some fans which I don't think he would do if he completely hated the guy.
  9. Is this going to wind up as the Chinese Democracy of book releases? GRRM probably has the crown for this though. Said it before but the only thing I really care about is the post UYI years. I'll take any insight into what Axl was like that I can get. I'm surprised it's rarely mentioned how much Axl changed appearance wise by any of the guys. Also did Slash/Matt/Duff ever get the sense that Axl wasn't all there? It felt like the band was kept going while Axl was barely involved with the process musically.
  10. I'm surprised that with all the songs they worked on from 1998-2000 Axl picked Silkworms to play in their first show back on 01/01/2001. Imagine if they went with Hard Skool instead? Also was it legit that they had Oklahoma on the setlist?
  11. Has Slash ever talked at length about his first conversation with Axl in 2015? Not expecting to hear every detail but it's always been that they talked and buried the hatchet but little else.
  12. Have any examples? Closest thing I can think of is Axl wearing a leather Union Jack jacket in 2017 as a throwback to their concert in 1991 though the 2 jackets are different. In my search related to this I found that there's a few Hard Rock Hotel's that actually have clothes that he's worn from the 80's/90's on display.
  13. Did anyone actually get free Dr. Pepper from that promotion? That thing was completely botched.
  14. Bought this in February 2009 as a fan of rock in general and someone who had a surface level knowledge of Guns at the time. I think I may have already heard Shackler's Revenge from Guitar Hero and thought it was a good song. The more straightforward rock songs took my interest at first, couldn't get into songs like Prostitute, Madagascar, and This I Love. Listen to the songs I liked, kind of glossed over some of the other songs, and really didn't listen to it much for a few years after. Like some of the UYI songs (Estranged, Breakdown, Coma, Locomotive) the less straightforward songs clicked with me after really listening and digging what the band was going for. They were definitely growers and I grew to appreciate Chinese Democracy as a solid though not revolutionary album. It's an album that really should have come out between 1999-2002. It would've done fairly well in the early 2000s when mainstream rock was pretty weak. As it stands it felt kind of tossed off towards the end of 2008 right when a recession was hitting and when mainstream rock was slowly fading. Felt also like Axl kind of buried it by doing almost no promotion although I now understand some of the reasons why.
  15. It'd be funny if he just donated them to thrift shops. Someone check any thrift shops in Malibu for oversized black graphic tees. I wonder if he still has stuff from the 90's like the Manson shirts, biker shorts, or Axl Converse?
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